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HORROR as THIS EastEnders favourite finds their life hanging in the balance

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Things don't look good for Jean Slater...

Next week's EastEnders sees Jean Slater's behaviour continue to spiral, leading to terrifying consequences for the much-loved character.

EastEnders fans will know that the last few weeks have seen Kush Kazemi start to worry about Jean's behaviour, oblivious until recently that she had stopped taking her medication for bipolar.

Kush is still worried about Jean in EastEnders

Kush is still worried about Jean next week (Picture: BBC)

In the most recent episodes fans watched in shock as Kush discovered a bundle of Jean's prescriptions in her room, and decided to try and help her by going to the pharmacy and collecting the tablets.

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But when Jean continued to refuse to take her medication, Kush went to extreme lengths to help her by crushing the tablets and putting them into her food without her knowing.

However, next week's EastEnders will see Kush continue to worry about Jean's behaviour, especially when Shirley reveals the police are on their way because Jean has repeatedly called them to report Whitney's disappearance, despite the fact she is already home safe and sound.

Jean is feeling extremely unwell in EastEnders.

Jean Slater rapidly goes downhill but what is wrong with her? (Picture: BBC)

Jean is embarrassed by the whole thing and snaps at Kush, before lashing out at Whitney, blaming her for making her look daft.

As Kush and Shirley continue to worry about Jean, they decide to take matters into their own hands, but what they don't realise is she has started to feel unwell and hasn't told anyone.

With Jean's mood swings out of control, Kush and Shirley put her behaviour down to her lack of medication, but when Jean bites Shirley's head off over nothing, the pair are worried when she races off.

Jean explodes at Whitney in EastEnders

Jean Slater verbally lashes out at Whitney next week (Picture: BBC)

Finally it is Tina who finds Jean, but her relief is short-lived when she finds her having a seizure.

But what is wrong with Jean? And will she be okay?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.