EastEnders fans are BEGGING for this secret affair to happen

The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders
There's a huge flirtation going on in Albert Square (Image credit: BBC)

There were some very sparky scenes in Thursday night's EastEnders, as two characters enjoyed a drink and a cosy chat – leaving viewers desperate for this flirtation to turn into something more.

We recently saw Denise catch the eye of Ravi when she popped into Walford East to book a table.

Following that, Denise stood up for Ravi after his son Nugget stole vodka from the Minute Mart and held a party at Jack and Denise's house – despite  Jack's fury and Suki and Nish's criticism of Ravi's parenting.

Denise Fox supports Ravi Gulati

Ravi gave Denise a table, but wants something more in return (Image credit: BBC)

Thursday's episode opened with Ravi surprising Denise when he presented her with a some wine and chocolates to thank her for having his back over the incident with the kids.

Meanwhile, Denise was feeling left out in the cold with her family after Amy began self harming again, both Amy and Jack pushing her away when she tried to support them.

Deciding to drown her sorrows after an argument with Jack, Denise headed to Peggy's to calm down – which was where Ravi spotted her and offered to join her for a drink.

EastEnders Ravi Denise

A drink becomes something more for Denise and Ravi (Image credit: BBC)

Soon, one drink became several and the pair were getting on like a house on fire.

"Either you are drunk or you are a terrible, terrible flirt," Denise joked with him when Ravi flattered her over her age.

But while Denise clearly had Ravi's game sussed, she was enjoying the escape from her home life – and the obvious flirtation.

EastEnders Ravi and Denise

Is Denise walking into trouble? (Image credit: BBC)

Later, Ravi walked Denise back home, the pair strolling arm-in-arm and clearly quite drunk – proven when Denise almost took a tumble, much to their amusement.

But is was as they were about to say goodbye that things took a turn, as Ravi moved in to kiss Denise.

Of course, Denise is a married woman, and let's not forget that Ravi is an actual murderer. So, this situation has got 'bad idea' written all over it.

But try telling that to EastEnders viewers! They were totally on board with the thought of this dangerous new romance. In fact, they were practically begging Denise to respond to Ravi's advances.

"PLEASE kiss him," pleaded one. While another, clearly caught up in the excitement, echoed, "Kiss him - we need to live vicariously through you!"

One summed it up with: "Denise, you have full permission to have an affair with Ravi."

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However, these lusty fans were left disappointed after Denise gave Ravi the cold shoulder and headed home.

But as she entered the house, did we see her change her mind when she paused for a moment and seemed to turn back towards the front door? Sadly, we'll never never know as Jack then arrived in the hall, full of apologies.

As the couple embraced, Denises's expression looked troubled. Was she thinking of Ravi? 

Of course, Denise is no stranger to a tumble with a muscle-bond younger fella – remember Kush? – but will she really put her marriage on the line for a fling with Ravi?

EastEnders Denise Jack

Denise demonstrates the classic soap over-the-shoulder angst shot (Image credit: BBC)

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