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EastEnders fans convinced Keanu Taylor isn’t dead, claiming Ben Mitchell is in on a scheme

(Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans are convinced that Keanu Taylor isn’t dead.

Fans have taken to social media to speculate about Keanu’s Christmas Day downfall, after it appeared that Martin Fowler shot him dead at the wish of the Mitchell family.

After it was revealed that Keanu had an affair with Sharon Mitchell and that she was pregnant with his child as a result of the indiscretion, the Mitchell family arranged to have him killed in order to take their revenge on him.

But now viewers are convinced that Keanu escaped his fate, taking to social media with their various theories surrounding what might have happened to him.

Some viewers have speculated that Ben pretended to arrange Keanu’s shooting with Martin, but actually secretly planned for him to escape Albert Square instead.

And social media users are convinced that it’s all down to Ben’s reaction when he spoke with Martin after the supposed murder happened.

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Martin is seen showing Ben a clip of Keanu’s shooting, but when Ben failed to question what happened to Keanu’s body afterwards, fans were convinced it was a sign.

Since the incident, Martin was seen burning evidence of the shooting, but not seen disposing of a body, while Ben still hasn’t questioned what he had done with Keanu after the murder.

And viewers are convinced that this proves that he is still alive.

‘WHY DIDN'T BEN ASK WHERE THE BODY IS!!!!!’ exclaimed one viewer on Twitter. ‘That’s the first thing you’d ask. There’s no body cos Ben's in on the double cross and knew Martin helped Keanu flee.’

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My theory is that Ben changed his mind,’ added another, ‘(maybe because of the wallet???), though.

‘I think he wanted Keanu's death faked and something went wrong and Tubbs died.

‘It will be interesting to see which theories are correct and which ones are not.’

Another wrote, ‘When Martin shows Ben the Keanu video he says he disposed of the gun, but he doesn't mention what he did with the body and Ben doesn't ask.

‘This only makes sense if Ben knows Keanu's alive.’