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EastEnders fans convinced Phil will think Max is dad of Sharon’s baby

(Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans are convinced that Phil Mitchell will guess wrongly about the father of wife Sharon’s baby.

Earlier this week, EastEnders viewers saw Linda Carter falling asleep on the sofa at Max’s house.

The character, who fans are concerned is falling into a struggle with alcoholism, passed out on the sofa at Max Branning’s house in an episode this week.

However, when she did fall asleep in the Walford home after a night of heaving drinking with Max, Linda was wearing a necklace that belongs to Sharon Mitchell.

And now fans are concerned that Max’s life could be in danger as this could lead the long-time character to get involved in the Mitchells’ baby drama.

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Sharon is currently heavily pregnant, however she is still unsure at to whether the father of her baby is husband Phil Mitchell or Keanu Taylor, who she was having an affair with.

And fans are now worried that if Linda leaves Sharon’s necklace in Max’s house, Phil will end up finding it and try to exact his revenge.

Taking to Twitter to voice their concerns, fans wrote about how they think the storyline will play out.

‘Phil is going to find Sharon’s necklace at Max’s think Sharon is shagging Max and kill him looool #eastenders #prediction,’ wrote one viewer.

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I’m wondering if there is a significance of Sharon giving Linda the necklace?’ questioned another. ‘Is it going to end up Conveniently lost at Jacks and then Phil will somehow find it there and jump to conclusions... #EastEnders’.

Another wrote, ‘Ooh oh is #Sharon's necklace going to end up on #Max's bedroom floor? #eastenders’.

EastEnders bosses have hinted that Keanu may be killed off later this year, with executive producer Jon Sen telling The Sun Online, "Keanu’s story is set to come to a dramatic and blistering conclusion in the near future as one of best kept secrets on the Square is finally revealed with devastating consequences."