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EastEnders fans convinced they've worked out who KILLS Keanu at Christmas - and it's NOT who you think

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EastEnders fans think Keanu Taylor is going to be killed off this Christmas by a very unlikely suspect...

Last night's EastEnders saw Ben and Phil Mitchell getting closer and closer to the truth about who Sharon Mitchell has been having an affair with.

But as the pair did their digging, they quizzed Louise Mitchell about who Sharon had been spending time with in the summer while Phil was away in Spain...

Louise Mitchell EastEnders

The penny dropped for Louise last night as Ben and Phil quizzed her about Sharon's affair (Picture: BBC)

While Louise claimed that she didn't know who Sharon's fling could have been, fans saw the moment the the truth dawned on her... finally realising that her boyfriend Keanu is the most likely suspect.

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As the penny dropped for Louise, she kept quiet about her suspicions that Keanu could have had a fling with her step mum, leaving Ben and Phil none the wiser.

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However, Louise's discovery has lead fans to become completely convinced that she is the one to kill Keanu this Christmas, and not Phil or Ben...

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We recently saw some on-location pictures of Keanu fleeing the country at an airport after saying an emotional goodbye to his mum Karen Taylor... but fans are convinced that these are just a red herring, leading fans to think that Keanu doesn't die as reports have claimed.

But does Louise have it in her to kill? She might be the least scary Mitchell going, but she still has Mitchell blood in her, meaning she could be capable of anything.

Louise Mitchell EastEnders

Is this the moment that Louise realised Keanu has been lying to her? (Picture: BBC)

And if there is one thing that is likely to make her see red just weeks after having a baby is to find out that the love of her life has fathered not only another baby, but her step mum's baby at that.

There is also the small matter of Tilly Keeper, who plays Louise, leaving the soap next year... so could Keanu's death be part of her exit storyline?

Keanu Taylor in EastEnders

Is Keanu about to be murdered by the woman he loves? (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

With the EastEnders Christmas episodes less than 48 hours away, the wait to find out what really happens in Walford this festive season is almost over...

EastEnders’ hour-long special airs at 9.30pm on BBC One on Christmas Day