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EastEnders fans DEVASTATED as THIS Walford legend makes shock exit

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Sharon made a shock departure from Walford last night, leaving fans heartbroken...

Last night's EastEnders saw legendary character Sharon Watts make the shock decision to leave Walford... and fans have been left devastated by the unexpected exit.

EastEnders fans know that Sharon has been to hell and back in recent months.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Sharon told Phil she couldn't move back in with him because the house reminded her of Denny (Picture: BBC)

Not only was her affair with Keanu Taylor revealed at Christmas, leading to Phil Mitchell seeking revenge on the man who got his wife pregnant, but she has also lost her beloved teenage son recently.

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As Phil tried to kill off Keanu on the Thames party boat back in February, he caused the boat to crash, accidentally killing his stepson, Denny.

Sharon has been mourning for her son ever since, and has even given away her newborn baby, Kayden, as a result.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Phil suggested they went on a mini break (Picture: BBC)

But just as it looked like Sharon might be turning a corner after getting her relationship with Phil back on track, last night saw her making the shock decision to leave Walford.

The U-turn came after she and Phil planned a break from Albert Square together... but instead of going to Barcelona or Paris as Phil suggested, Sharon made her own plans and decided to head to Australia to see her best friend Michelle Fowler.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Sharon ditched the mini break idea and decided to go to Australia to see Michelle (Picture: BBC)

But fans are horrified at the thought of her leaving, especially as filming has been halted for the time being thanks to coronavirus, meaning it is going to be even longer before we see Sharon back on our screens...

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Along with EastEnders fans, Phil was left devastated by Sharon's decision to leave, especially when she knocked back his offer to go with her.

Phil had also planned to buy the Vic from Mick and Linda Carter, hoping that gifting Sharon with the pub that she grew up in would give her some happiness in her life.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Sharon fans were devastated by her decision to leave (Picture: BBC)

However, his grand gesture went down like a lead balloon with Sharon, so could this mean the sale of the pub could be off?

Whether Sharon will return to Walford remains to be seen... but could she return to Walford to become the new queen of the Vic?

Or will someone else entirely find themselves behind the bar?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.