EastEnders fans fear Lisa Fowler could be DEAD after Louise Mitchell gets shock news

(Image credit: BBC)

What has happened to Lisa?

EastEnders viewers have been left fearing the worst for Lisa Fowler after her daughter Louise Mitchell appeared to make a shocking discovery.

Louise - played by Tilly Keeper - was seen trying to phone her mum following Keanu Taylor’s decision to dump her after their brief tryst in the garage.

The upset teenager returned home in tears and sat on the staircase to call Lisa, who lives away from Albert Square, but seemed confused when it wasn’t her mother who answered the phone.

“Where’s my mum?” Louise asked before covering her mouth, having seemed to get some shocking news.

She also started to cry again, which has led fans to worry that something serious might have happened to Lisa.

“What has happened to Lisa ? Is she dead?” one viewer tweeted, whilst another wrote: “Louise called her mum and got so upset, what's up with Lisa?”

Meanwhile another guessed: “I reckon something’s happened to Lisa and Keanu acted like a total k*** to a genuinely upset Louise #EastEnders”

Louise certainly seemed upset following the phone call and was seen trying to talk to Keanu (Danny Walters) who refused to listen.

She then tried to find Lisa’s old pal Mel Owen but instead had an awkward meeting with her fiancé Ray Kelly.

Whilst many fans are convinced that Louise received bad news about Lisa, others are hopeful that she might actually be returning to Albert Square.

“I'm so here for a Lisa return on New Years Day,” one said.

Lisa - played by Lucy Benjamin - was last seen in EastEnders in 2017 when she returned to visit Louise in hospital after the teen suffered burns.

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However, it was revealed that Lisa had been struggling with her mental health and had not been taking her medication, resulting in her leaving again.

Lucy, 48, recently got involved in the show again by returning to the role of Lisa in a podcast which explored what she and Mel got up to in Portugal, where Mel first met Ray.

But will Lisa be back on our screens again? We can’t wait to find out!