‘EastEnders’ fans fuming with ‘harsh’ Sharon for disowning Zack just before Christmas

EastEnders Sharon Watts disowns Zack Hudson
Sharon Watts disowned her brother Zack after uncovering his shocking secret, (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were unimpressed with Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) during last night’s episode (Tuesday Dec. 21) as she disowned her brother Zack Hudson (James Farrar) after discovering his shock betrayal.

A while back, Sharon found out that she had a granddaughter named Alyssa, who turned out to be her deceased son Denny's baby after a romance with Jada Lennox.

Jada struggled to cope with the toddler and decided to leave her with Sharon to look after, knowing that she could give Alyssa a life she couldn’t. But, Sharon began to think that Jada was an incapable mother and applied for full custody of Alyssa. 

Zack told Jada about his sister’s plans to get full custody, which resulted in the young mother running away with Alyssa. This left Sharon devastated and desperately trying to find her granddaughter as she was terrified that she would never get to see her again. However, Sharon was unaware of the part Zack played to make Jada flee Walford. 

Zack Hudson and Jada in EastEnders

Zack Hudson had a part to play in Jada Lennox's disappearance. (Image credit: BBC)

Sharon finally discovered the truth during last night’s episode after Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) private investigator had found some information after contacting Jada’s father. He revealed that Zack had played a part in his daughter’s disappearance, which made Sharon furious.

Zack apologised for what he had done, saying that he had just wanted to give Jada a heads up and that she deserves a second chance because she’s just a kid.

A bit later, although Sharon admitted that she had been too harsh on Jada, she said that losing Alyssa was like losing Denny all over again. Zack reassured her that he would help her find Alyssa, but that wasn’t good enough for Sharon.

“Do you know what? I don’t think you’re family at all. You are Gavin [their father] through and through,” Sharon seethed.

Sharon Watts

Sharon was enraged with Zack and kicked him out. (Image credit: BBC)

As Zack vehemently denied the allegation, Sharon continued, “You do not betray family. I didn’t know you last year, and I wish I still didn’t. Now, get out.”

Fans called out Sharon for being too harsh on Zack, especially since she compared him to their villain father, Gavin Sullivan (Paul Nicholas) who killed his own sister and kidnapped his wife Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth).

EastEnders next airs Thursday, Dec. 23 at 8.05pm on BBC1— see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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