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Sharon Watts - everything you need to know about the EastEnders character

Sharon Mitchell EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

From teenage drama to the queen of Walford, here is everything you need to know about EastEnders legend Sharon Watts...

Ever since she appeared on our screens in the first episode of EastEnders, Sharon Watts has captured the heart of the nation.

The character is now such an iconic part of EastEnders that it's hard to imagine Walford without her glossy blonde hair and tight miniskirts.

Here is a quick roundup of everything you need to know about Sharon Watts, played by actress Letitia Dean...

How old is Sharon Watts star Letitia Dean?

Letitia Dean is 52 years old. She was born on 14 November 1967.

When did Sharon Watts first arrive in EastEnders?

Letitia Dean and Susan Tully EastEnders

Sharon and her best friend Michelle Fowler were part of EastEnders from the start (Picture: Getty) (Image credit: Getty Images)

Sharon Watts appeared in the first ever episode of EastEnders, aired on 19th February 1985.

Over the last three decades she has grown from a grumpy 80s teenager to a sassy business woman and mother.

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Was Sharon Watts adopted?

Letitia Dean and Anita Dobson Sharon and Angie EastEnders

Sharon was raised in the Queen Vic by Angie and Den Watts (Picture: Getty) (Image credit: Getty Images)

Sharon is the adoptive daughter of EastEnders iconic landlords Den and Angie Watts, played by Leslie Grantham and Anita Dobson.

She grew up in The Queen Victoria, often finding herself caught in the middle of her parents' constant fighting.

Angie's battle with alcohol was eventually her downfall and she died of cirrhosis of the liver in 2002.

Den finally met his maker in 2005 after being bludgeoned to death by second wife Chrissie Watts.

At one stage Sharon decided to track down her birth mother, Carol Hanley. The pair met several times, but sadly for Sharon, Carol admitted she had no maternal feelings towards her.

In 2015 Carol got back in touch, writing to Sharon and asking to meet again. But by the time Sharon decided to reconnect with her birth mum, Carol had died.

Sharon later discovered that villain, Gavin Sullivan, was her biological father and was disgusted to learn that he handed her over to Den Watts as part of a business transaction.

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What have been Sharon's biggest EastEnders storylines?

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Sharon Mitchell and Grant Mitchell in 1994

Sharongate is one of EastEnders biggest storylines (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

Over the years Sharon has been at the centre of many Walford dramas.

One of Sharon's most memorable storylines was dubbed 'Sharongate' in 1994, which saw the character, who was married to Grant Mitchell at the time, have an affair with his older brother, Phil Mitchell. The episode is still one of EastEnders' highest viewed episodes to date.

But while you might have thought Sharon would have learned her lesson, history repeated itself more recently when the character had an affair with Keanu Taylor while she was still married to Phil Mitchell.

Another of Sharon's most iconic storylines saw her dad, Den Watts, come back from the dead in 2003. The character appeared to be murdered in 1989 after getting involved with criminal organisation The Firm.

Fast forward 14 years and Sharon discovered that Den had survived and fled to Spain, leading to the pair being reunited once again.

More recently Sharon's faced the biggest tragedy of her life when her teenage son Denny was killed in the Thames boat party episodes (opens in new tab), which were aired in celebration of the soap's 35th anniversary.

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When did Sharon Watts marry Phil Mitchell?

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell talks to Phil Mitchell

Sharon and Phil keep on coming back for more (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Sharon and Phil's relationship has been on and off for years - the pair, it seems, just can't stay away from one another.

After Sharon's failed romance with Jack Branning, Sharon and Phil's relationship was revisited in 2013. The pair finally tied the knot in 2014, and while Sharon might have had Shirley Carter as her love rival, she has always been confident in the knowledge she is the love of Phil's life.

But things came to a messy end when Sharon had an affair with Keanu Taylor (opens in new tab) - not only breaking Phil's heart, but the secret fling also lead to Sharon's son Kayden being born.

Despite Phil and Sharon trying to patch things up, Kayden came between the pair, and they went their separate ways once again.

When did Sharon's son Denny die?

Sharon Mitchell buys Dennis Rickman a treat

Sharon's world fell apart when Denny was killed (Picture: BBC)

Sharon's teenage son, Denny, who she shared with late husband Dennis Rickman, met a watery end after being caught up in the Thames boat disaster that took centre stage for EastEnders' 35th anniversary episodes.

Denny snuck onto the boat against Sharon's wishes, only to have a confrontation with Ian Beale, who then locked him in a room below deck.

Despite Ian then going back to save Denny when the boat started to sink, Denny sadly didn't make it.

While everyone has been hailing Ian a hero, Phil has taken the blame for Denny's demise after being the one to cause the boat crash while fighting with love rival, Keanu Taylor.

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Who is Sharon's best friend?

Ian Beale and Sharon Mitchell in EastEnders

Ian Beale and Sharon Beale have been friends since they were teenagers (Pictures: BBC)

While growing up in Walford, Sharon's best friend was Michelle Fowler, played by Susan Tully.

But most recently, Sharon's formed a firm friendship with Linda Carter and the pair can often be found sharing their troubles.

But one constant friend that Sharon has always had by her side since day one is Ian Beale.

The pair dated briefly in 1986, but their teenage romance ended when Sharon fell for Simon Wicks.

These days Ian still holds a flame for Sharon, but the feeling isn't reciprocated and Sharon thinks of Ian more like a brother.

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