EastEnders flashforward episode — who is Sharon marrying and who is DEAD?

EastEnders flash forward episode women lineed up - Stacey, Suki, Linda, Sharon, who is wearing a wedding dress, and Denise and Kathy
EastEnders has aired a special glimpse into Christmas episodes. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders has aired a very special episode giving viewers an insight into what is coming up this Christmas in Walford. 

In a surprise twist that has never been done on EastEnders before, fans saw Stacey, Suki, Linda, Sharon, Denise and Kathy all have a heart-to-heart during a lock-in at The Vic. 

But as the women toasted to men, those who had betrayed them, treated them badly or manipulated them, we then got a flashforward to Christmas 2023, which saw a wedding taking place in The Vic. 

It soon became clear that Sharon was the blushing bride... however, her special day looks like it is set to turn into a living nightmare as Stacey could be seen with blood on her hands, Denise was holding a broken bottle of champagne and a man was seen lying dead on the floor of the pub. 

Kathy Beale comforts Linda Carter

Linda was upset after being sent a photo of Dean.  (Image credit: BBC)

But who is the Walford male who has met his maker? And who was Sharon getting married to? Executive Producer of EastEnders, Chris Clenshaw, has revealed that this episode will act as a catalyst for major storylines that will play out over the year...

“As we saw in the flash-forward scene, there are six women standing over a dead body, which we know is male. Over the next ten months, expect to see each of these women have huge stories, involving potential victims, which will all collide at Christmas."

Stacey Slater confronts Suki Panesar

Stacey confronted Suki about her feelings for Eve.  (Image credit: BBC)

Chris is sadly remaining tightlipped about who the deceased might be, but has hinted there could be clues we are already missing... "I’m not going to give anything away that the episode hasn’t already given, but what I will say is there were clues in there. Did you look closely? I urge everyone to re-watch the scene and look at every detail. There are a few treats in the scene if you look hard enough.

"What I’d also say is that a lot can happen in Walford between February and December — circumstances can change, relationships can change, loyalties can change — so what you may suspect now could be somewhat different as we make our way through 2023 and head towards Christmas.”

Who is Sharon marrying in the EastEnders flashforward and who is dead? 

While we have got a long wait until we find out who the dead man is, and whether it is Sharon's groom who died, one thing we do know is that the deceased could have been part of the wedding party considering he was seen wearing a very smart pair of cufflinks with his suit. 

Could it be Keanu who has met a grisly end? Sharon and Keanu were seen making up and then breaking up in the flashforward episode, could this mean he has returned to Walford only to be killed off? 

Or could the dead man be someone we haven't even met, yet? As Chris said, a lot can happen between now and December, this is Walford after all! 

It seems we will just have to wait and see, but as the twists and turns air, we will update this feature with all the clues and theories leading up to Christmas 2023. 

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