Sharongate - everything you need to know about the iconic EastEnders storyline

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Sharon Mitchell and Grant Mitchell in 1994
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Here's all you need to know about the history between Sharon, Phil and Grant...

There's nothing quite like a Walford love triangle, but when it is three of EastEnders' most infamous characters who are caught up in the drama, you get a storyline that no one will ever forget.

Sharon Mitchell's (Letitia Dean) affair with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) while she was still married to his brother, Grant Mitchell, has gone down in Walford history as one of the best episodes in EastEnders' 35 years.

But what exactly happened in the storyline that fans lovingly dubbed 'Sharongate'? Here is everything you need to know...

When did Sharon marry Grant Mitchell? 

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Sharon was once married to Phil's brother, Grant (Picture: BBC)

Sharon and Grant tied the knot in December 1991, but it didn't take long for the newlyweds to start arguing.

Grant made no secret of the fact he wanted a trophy wife, but Sharon refused to comply.

The pair clashed when Grant announced he wanted to start a family, but Sharon revealed she would rather focus on making the Vic a success in honour of her late dad, Den Watts, who had been the previous landlord of the pub.

After one argument, Grant smashed up the Vic and disappeared for a few weeks, leaving Phil to pick up the pieces and Sharon wondering if she had married the wrong Mitchell brother.

When did Sharon's affair with Phil Mitchell start? 

Phil 'breaks up' with Sharon

Phil and Sharon have always had a rocky romance (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Grant's thuggish behaviour lead to Phil and Sharon growing closer, and as Phil helped Sharon run the pub in Grant's absence, the pair shared a secret kiss one night while clearing glasses - and so the affair began.

In 1993 Grant hit Sharon, leading to Michelle calling the police.

Grant was fuming when the police arrived and lost his temper, hitting an officer and Michelle in the process.

He then ended up in jail, leaving Phil and Sharon free to continue their affair.

What happened in the Sharongate episodes?

Sharongate was a long-running storyline that saw Sharon confess to having an affair with Phil while recording an interview with best friend Michelle Fowler.

Unbeknownst to them, Sharon's confession was recorded and ended up in Grant's hands, leading to him discovering all the gory details of Sharon and Phil's affair.

Heartbroken and angry, Grant then played the tape at Phil and Kathy's engagement party, leaving the whole packed pub stunned as Sharon's recording confessed everything.

While Sharon and Phil stood there helpless as their affair was revealed, Grant stormed out of the pub, leaving Kathy to slap Sharon in shock.

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When did the Sharongate episodes originally air?

EastEnders Sharongate 1994 Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp)

Sharon was stunned when husband Grant exposed her affair to the entire pub (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

The climax of the storyline that saw Phil and Sharon's affair revealed to the entire pub aired on 24th October 1994.

The now-iconic episode was watched by 25.3 million viewers, making it one of the most-watched episodes in EastEnders history.

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What happened to Phil, Sharon and Grant after Sharongate?

Immediately after finding out about Sharon's affair and playing the tape to the pub, Grant went to The Arches, only for Phil to follow and try to explain.

However, Grant wasn't in the mood for listening and instead let his fists do the talking.

He ended up beating Phil so badly that he was rushed to hospital with a ruptured spleen and was lucky to survive.

The aftermath of Sharongate also saw Letitia Dean bow out of the soap after 10 years playing Sharon, with the repercussions of Phil and Sharon's betrayal being the centre of many Mitchell storylines for years to come.

You can watch the iconic Sharongate episode on Tuesday 30th June at 7.30pm on BBC One 

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