EastEnders spoilers: Will Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater tie the knot?

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell's marriage drama
Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater's wedding is in jeopardy. (Image credit: BBC)

Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater's wedding is set to be derailed by Sharon Watts and Alfie Moon in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Phil Mitchell is aware that time is ticking by as he anxiously waits for bride Kat Slater to turn up to the church. 

She was forced to go on a wild goose chase to get her twins Bert and Ernie Moon back from her ex Alfie Moon, who then pleaded with her not to marry Phil.

The wedding guests are starting to realise that there may be no nuptials at all and it's all getting a bit awkward!

Meanwhile, Sharon Watts is on her way to the church to try one last time to convince Phil that he's marrying the wrong woman...

Did Alfie convince Kat to give up on Phil? Will Sharon convince Phil that she's his one true love? Or will Kat and Phil get a happy ever after?

Frankie Lewis is not happy!

Frankie Lewis was left upset when Jack Branning told her the police couldn't help her. (Image credit: BBC)

Frankie Carter is feeling a bit helpless after cop Jack Branning's insistence that there's no point pursuing a case against the nasty guy who followed her home from the club and tried to kiss her.

Her friend Lola Pearce sees her looking down and she tries to cheer her up by taking her for lunch at Walford East. 

When their meal is interrupted by a group of rowdy lads who start hassling them, Ravi Gulati clocks it. He comes over and intervenes, sending the lads on their way.

Furious over what's just happened, Lola goes on a rant about how some men behave around women, prompting Frankie to make a decision. She vows not to put up with that kind of behaviour any more and she heads off to find Amy Mitchell...

After finding Amy in the cafe with her dad Jack Branning, she apologises for not standing up for her when she was hassled by Denzel Danes and Nugget Gulati. 

An overprotective Jack can't believe what he's hearing and is shocked that Amy was made to feel uncomfortable.

Dotty Cotton kisses Finlay Baker

Dotty Cotton gets passionate with Finlay Baker! (Image credit: BBC)

Vinny Panesar is getting increasingly wound up about Finlay Baker getting close to Dotty Cotton. 

His jealousy soon gets the better of him and he punches a shocked Finlay! When his sister Ash Panesar sees what happened she's quick to steer Vinny away. After calming him down she offers him some advice about Dotty.

Vinny takes Ash's words on board and he decides to call Dotty. But her phone just goes to voicemail.

Dotty misses the call because she's more than a little distracted... She's in the middle of steamy encounter with Finlay!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.