'EastEnders' fans gobsmacked as Denny is revealed as Alyssa’s dad

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EastEnders fans were completely dumbfounded at last night’s episode (Monday Nov. 8) after the father of baby Alyssa was revealed as Sharon’s (Letitia Dean) late teenage son, Dennis, aka Denny, (Bleu Landau). 

Sharon’s jaw dropped during Monday’s episode as the true father of Alyssa was finally exposed after she was left on her doorstep with a mysterious note. 

Sharon’s brother, Zack Hudson (James Farrar) believed Alyssa to be his, after a string of one-night stands, but it wasn’t long until Martin Fowler (James Bye) questioned if he was the father too and had ordered himself a DNA test as well.

In Monday’s episode, Zack and Martin opened the results together and were stunned to discover that neither of them was the father and the mystery still remained unsolved as to who her mother was.

Baby Alyssa

Zack Hudson and Martin Fowler were stunned when they both discovered they weren't Alyssa's father. (Image credit: BBC)

But the secret soon spilled out when Sharon questioned Zack and Martin about who had returned Alyssa’s toy on the doorstep after it was dropped in the street earlier and nobody had noticed.

They soon spotted someone watching them and chased after her when she ran away. As the trio caught up to her, it was revealed to be Jada, Alyssa’s mother.

Jada, Alyssa's mother, dropped a huge bombshell

Jada, Alyssa's mother, dropped a huge bombshell. (Image credit: BBC)

As they begged her for answers, Sharon seemed desperate as she pleaded, “You can’t go around letting people think they might be a father.”

But Jada denied the allegation, and explained that she never got a chance to tell the dad. When Sharon questioned why, Jada dropped the shocking news that it was Sharon’s deceased son Denny who is the dad, leaving Sharon astounded.

Denny, died when he drowned in the boat crash that happened last year in February when he was just 13-years-old.

Fans on Twitter were completely taken aback by the astonishing news…

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