'EastEnders' spoilers: Zack Hudson is in BIG trouble!

Zack Hudson in EastEnders
Zack Hudson is about to be faced by an irate Martin Fowler! (Image credit: BBC)

Zack Hudson realises his mistake in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Zack Hudson is in the dog house with Martin Fowler, after his drunken confession to Nancy Carter that he sent Jada away ended up getting back to him!

With Sharon Watts on a real low now that Jada has disappeared with her granddaughter Alyssa, Martin can't believe Zack would be so stupid. He confronts him about what he's done and threatens to tell Sharon everything.

Meanwhile, Sharon is trying to cheer herself up with a Christmas party and she invites her ex-husband Phil Mitchell and his new squeeze Kat Slater!

Kat, however, is unimpressed with Sharon's offer and she turns it down. When Phil fails to show, Sharon is disappointed and she's surprised when he finally does turn up. 

There's more shocks in store for both of them when Phil gets a message from his PI about a missing Alyssa...

Mick Carter in the Queen Vic in EastEnders

Janine Butcher turns on the smiles for Mick Carter. (Image credit: BBC)

Janine Butcher is in a flity mood as she shares some banter with Mick Carter while they sort out the upcoming 'Spouse in the 'Ouse' event at the Queen Vic.

Nancy Carter and Shirley Carter watch Janine's antics from a distance and are less than impressed!

The event gets under way and Janine fixes the questions for Stacey Slater and they go head to head.

When Mick tells Janine that he hasn't got any Christmas presents for the kids, Janine sees a way to worm her way into Mick's affections. She has a word with Billy Mitchell to sort out something and tells Mick that she's got the presents under control.

What will Mick say?

Whitney Dean in EastEnders

Whitney Dean's request gets lost in translation! (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean is still desperate to convince Chelsea Fox that she needs to stay away from her fiance Gray Atkins for the sake of her own safety. 

She approaches Chelsea and tries to broach the subject but Chelsea completely misunderstands and thinks she wants an invite to the wedding!

Later, Eve Unwin makes a comment to Whitney about the 'Spouse in the 'Ouse' event at the Vic, bringing up a similar competition a couple of years ago called 'Ball and Chain'...

Will the reminder spark something in Whitney?

Also, Denise Fox tells sister Kim Fox that it would mean the world to her if she was there for her wedding. What will Kim decide?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 8:05 pm.

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