'EastEnders' fans heartbroken for Ollie as Linda abandons him for drink

Mick Carter waits with Ollie Carter in EastEnders
'EastEnders' viewers were gutted for Ollie Carter when Linda didn't show up to see him. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were crushed for little Ollie Carter (Harry Farr) during last night’s episode (Tuesday, Feb. 8) after his mum, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), didn’t show up to meet him and husband Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), as promised.

Linda and Mick’s marriage has broken down since Linda has started her alcohol addiction again, and in an episode last year, Linda made it clear that she didn’t want to return to the family after Janine Butcher meddled in the pair's marriage. 

Ever since Linda’s departure to go and stay with her mum in Watford, Ollie has been desperately missing her, even refusing to take part in a family games night without her there. But, when she agreed to meet son Ollie in last night’s episode, both Mick and Ollie were hopeful to see her, despite Nancy (Maddy Hill) trying to convince Mick that it wasn’t a good idea.

Mick refused to listen and he and Ollie bought Linda a bouquet of flowers, but as they waited for her to show up, she never did. After failing to get in contact with Linda to see where she was, a furious Mick called Linda’s mum, who said that Linda 'wasn’t feeling well' so couldn’t make it.

Poor Ollie was left distraught, and when Mick returned home, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) pointed out how sad Ollie looked, and Mick responded with: “Because she didn’t show up, that’s why.”

Ollie Carter is upset

Ollie was heartbroken that Linda didn't turn up. (Image credit: BBC)

But, when Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) said that something must have come up for her to be a no-show, Mick fumed that: “Yeah, bottle of gin come up.”

“You spoken to Grandma?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah, she told me she was dead to the world, so apparently her bender was more important than her own son!” Mick seethed, before taking Ollie upstairs to try and comfort him.

Heartbroken fans on social media were shattered to see poor Ollie so upset at his mum’s actions…

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EastEnders continues tomorrow at 7:30pm on BBC1 — see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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