‘EastEnders’ fans horrified over Frankie Lewis' shock exit from Albert Square

Frankie Lewis is furious in EastEnders
Fans were surprised to see Frankie walk out of Walford. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were left heartbroken as Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) made her emotional exit from Walford in last night’s episode (Tuesday Nov. 9). 

During last night’s episode, we saw a guilt-ridden Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) have a heart-to-heart with her dad, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) admitting to feeling jealous of his relationship with Frankie.

Frankie and Nancy’s relationship has been destroyed ever since Nancy discovered that Frankie had accidentally run her over in a shock hit and run. To make things worse, Nancy also found out that Mick had known and didn’t tell her, which shattered their bond.

Nancy and Frankie have been at constant loggerheads with each other, but it all changed when Nancy’s revenge plan backfired.

Nancy was feeling remorseful during the episode after she had locked Frankie in the boot of her new car out of spite for Mick buying it for her. But, it soon turned nasty when Liam Butcher stole the car and sped off, unaware that Frankie was still in the boot.

Eventually, Liam realised what had happened and brought Frankie back to Walford, but when Nancy apologised to Frankie, she noticed Frankie had packed her bags to leave. 

Mick was tear-eyed as he said goodbye to Frankie

Mick Carter was tear-eyed as he said goodbye to Frankie Lewis. (Image credit: BBC)

Nancy pleaded with her not to go, but Frankie reassured her that it was for the best and that she wanted to leave because it would be good for her.

As Frankie was about to leave in a taxi, Mick stopped her and Frankie reassured him by saying that it was time for Nancy and Mick to spend some time alone together and sort things out.

As they bid a tearful farewell to each other Frankie said: “But I am so, so glad that I’ve found you,” and Mick responded in sign language, “I love the bones of you".

Fans were touched by her moving farewell on Twitter and have already begun to miss her on their screens…

Fans will already know that Frankie will return to our screens and Rose is only leaving because of her stint on Strictly Come Dancing. Let's hope she is back soon - perhaps even with the glitterball trophy this time! 

EastEnders airs tomorrow at 7:35pm on BBC1- see our TV Guide for full listings.

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