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EastEnders fans left reeling after THIS huge bombshell was revealed last night

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Last night's trip to Walford has left EastEnders fans shocked after Lola's huge secret was revealed...

EastEnders fans have known for weeks that Ben Mitchell and Lola Pearce have been keeping secrets since they returned to Walford, and last night saw yet another bombshell revelation.

The news that Lola has got a fiancé back in Newcastle has not just left Jay Brown stunned, but EastEnders viewers are also reeling at the news.

Last night's trip to Albert Square began with Ben stepping up his game plan against dad Phil Mitchell as he planned a family brunch to help worm his way into the family fold.

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But his plan didn't quite work out for two reasons... first his nose was put well and truly out of joint when Phil invited Keanu along to the family bash, clearly believing that he is part of the Mitchell clan now, and then Ben wasn't happy when he caught Jay and Lola kissing.

With Ben firmly in a bad mood after his disastrous day, he wasn't happy when he caught Jay and Lola sneaking out for a secret drink at The Vic.

After tracking them down, Ben played games with Lola by announcing that she had missed calls on her phone.

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Ben knew full well that the calls were from Lola's fiancé, Ewan... but pretended not to realise until it was too late and Jay was demanding to know who the mysterious Ewan is.

Jay was left heartbroken when Ben revealed that Lola is engaged to Ewan, and EastEnders fans weren't happy about the news, either...

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Fans were also confused about why Lola has been getting closer to Jay when she knows she is engaged to someone else.

Could she have genuine feelings for Jay despite the fact she is set to marry Ewan? Or could this all be part of her plan with Ben?

With more twists and turns to come in the Ben and Lola saga, it seems poor Jay could end up being the one with his heart broken once again.

Next week sees Jay reunite with Ruby in an attempt to put his feelings for Lola to one side, but is his heart really in it, or is Ruby about to find herself caught up in a very tricky love triangle?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.