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EastEnders fans LOVING this unexpectedly brilliant scene in tonight's episode

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Tiffany Butcher-Baker and Callum Highway is the friendship we never knew we needed...

Tonight's EastEnders saw a low-key but brilliant scene play out between Tiffany and Callum, and fans are loving this heart-warming friendship between the pair.

There was plenty of drama in tonight's EastEnders for Callum.

Not only did he discover boyfriend Ben had been arrested for stealing a car... not really a good look for someone wanting to join the police, but he also discovered Ben was going to leave the Prince Albert with a mystery man.

Callum and Tiffany EastEnders BBC

Callum and Tiffany had a heart-to-heart in the Vic tonight (Picture: BBC)

But when Callum went to the Vic to think about where his is relationship is going, Tiffany turned up looking for Sonia to get advice on how to cook a steak for husband Keegan.

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However, soon Callum was dishing out the cooking advice, and the pair had a heart-to-heart as they both talked about their relationship woes.

Callum and Tiffany EastEnders BBC

As Callum gave Tiffany relationship advice, he started to realise that he was talking about his own romance with Ben (Picture: BBC)

While Callum told Tiffany he wasn't the right person to give advice, it turned out that he was actually pretty good at it, and also got to vent about his own relationship at the same time.

Callum and Tiffany EastEnders BBC

Fans were loving Tiffany and Callum's friendship (Picture: BBC)

Both Tiffany and Callum were annoyed at being treated badly and they bonded over their failing romances, and soon the pair were having a deep and meaningful, leaving fans thrilled...

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But soon Callum's friendly chat was the last thing on his mind as he went to have it out with Ben about him trying to hook up with someone else.

Callum stood his ground, asking Ben why he never thinks of him before he acts, and before Ben knew what was happening, Callum was threatening to leave.

Ben and Callum EastEnders BBC

Callum confronted Ben about his destructive behaviour (Picture: BBC)

But thankfully for all Ballum fans across the country, Ben apologised and Callum found he couldn't walk away after all.

Can the pair get their relationship back on track? Or is this one betrayal too many for Callum?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.