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EastEnders fans predict ANOTHER Walford favourite will DIE in anniversary drama

EastEnders 35th anniversary logo

EastEnders fans are convinced that the 35th anniversary drama is far from over...

EastEnders fans don't think Denny Rickman will be the only fatality after the soap's epic 35th anniversary episodes this week... they have predicted that Callum Highway might also be about to meet a grisly end.

Viewers have been on the edges of their seats over the past week as the dramatic events of the Queen Vic Thames boat party unfolded.

EastEnders Denny and Ian

Denny was the unlucky Walford resident who met a watery end in the anniversary episodes this week (Picture: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem/) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem/)

What was supposed to be a fun party to celebrate winning a London pub of the year award soon turned into tragedy when the boat started to sink and Walford residents were left fighting for their lives as they tried to get off the boat before meeting an icy death in the Thames.

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But while everyone watched in tears as Sharon Mitchell's teenage son Denny died after being locked in a locker room and then rescued by Ian Beale, it seems fans are convinced that he isn't the only fatality to happen in this run of special episodes.

Callum in EastEnders BBC

Fans are worried that no one is going to find Callum before it is too late (Picture: BBC)

Although he didn't even make it anywhere near the Thames or a boat, fans are convinced that Callum Highway is going to be the next Walford favourite to die after he was held hostage in an abandoned warehouse by Keanu Taylor.

Callum has spent the whole week of special episodes in the disused building, with boyfriend Ben Mitchell fighting to find the blackmail money that Keanu was demanding in return for Callum's safe return.

Callum in EastEnders BBC

Callum was barely alive at the start of tonight's episode, but fans think he could be dead by Monday (Picture: BBC)

But while Keanu might not have killed Callum, he left him tied up in the warehouse when he heard that Sharon was in labour, abandoning Callum to try and get out of his chains and find a way home.

However, disaster struck when he stumbled around trying to find an escape, only to fall into a rubbish-filled pit, where he has been lying almost motionless ever since.

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As the drama unfolded on the Thames, Callum was left for dead and all alone after Shirley Carter failed to find him.

But with Ben disorientated in the Square at the end of Friday night's episode after being caught up in the boat drama, and no one else searching for him, could next week's EastEnders see Callum meet an untimely end?

EastEnders fans certainly seem to think so...

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But will the 35th anniversary episodes claim another life? Or will Ben recover from his ordeal quickly enough to find Callum in the warehouse before it is too late?

Find out on Monday when the fallout of the Thames tragedy continues...

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.