'EastEnders' fans rejoice as Ben and Callum are saved by to two LEGENDARY EX-CHARACTERS.

EastEnders Ben and Callum
The boys are back together. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders aired a scene in Thursday's episode where Sharon Mitchell talked to Ben about his worries. But while the emotional moment between the two characters – who were stepmum and stepson for many years – was enjoyed by viewers, it was the mention of two Walford legends that really got them excited. 

EastEnders Sharon

Sharon discovers that once a stepmum, always a stepmum. (Image credit: BBC)

When Phil revealed to Sharon that Ben was in a bad way after the homophobic attack endured a few weeks ago, Sharon was left concerned.

She visited Ben at the Arches, where he was avoiding Callum, to see for herself how Ben was.

Meanwhile, Callum was throwing a party outside the Prince Albert to counteract the attack and the recent bomb planted by the right-wing gang.

Ben and Callum's relationship has been in trouble since Ben revealed he did not want to be an out gay man any more, for fear of their safety.

Callum doesn't accept Ben's decision, and asked Ben to come to the party, so they could stand shoulder to shoulder together. But instead, Ben worked alone in the Arches. 

EastEnders Ben

Ben doesn't want to visit the past, but Sharon's taking him anyway. (Image credit: BBC)

Well, that's until Sharon arrived and pulled out the big guns...

Firstly, she talked to Ben about her true love Dennis Rickman, Sharon's hubby and Denny's dad, who was stabbed to death on the Square. Sharon insisted that when you have a love that strong, you would lay down her life for them.

But when Ben seemed not to listen, Sharon really pulled it out of the bag by bringing in Peggy, Ben's formidable grandma – reminding Ben of how he used to "sing along with his gran in front of Dusty Springfield and Judy Garland." 


Dennis dies 2005.jpg

The night Sharon's love died. (Image credit: BBC)


Peggy faked it right to the end. (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

She went on to explain that Peggy's strength was all an act – but it was an act that eventually become real.

"Fake it 'til you make it, that's what Peggy would have said," Sharon insisted. "Trust me, it works."

While these words gave Ben food for thought, they gave Enders fans a cause for celebration – the viewers loving these old-school reminisces playing such as vital role in the plot.

"So many legends mentioned in one scene," posted one. While others could only agree...

EastEnders Ben and Callum

(Image credit: BBC)

Later, Callum was delighted when Ben did turn up to the party, and even supported him as Jack tried to shut down the event after complaints.

The couple shared a kiss, leaving Callum delighted. But it was clear that Ben was still having doubts, with many viewers hopeful but worried for his future...

"Now Ben is going to fake it til he makes it," said one...

Will Ben be able to truly overcome his fears?

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