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EastEnders fans convinced last night’s episode had a scene DELETED - here’s why

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Sharon Mitchell is in the bad books...

Last night's EastEnders has left fans baffled as it seemed a scene had beed edited out of the episode.

EastEnders viewers were happy to have their favourite soap back on their screens after six days of waiting, but their emotions were left in tatters after watching Karen Taylor handing baby Kayden back to Sharon Mitchell.

Sharon and Karen/Phil Eastenders BBC

Karen was heartbroken at having to give Kayden back to Sharon last night (Picture: BBC)

Fans will know that Karen has been looking after her grandson after Sharon gave him up while grieving for her eldest son, Denny.

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Viewers were left shocked when Sharon handed over her newborn son to his grandmother, only for Ian Beale to then pay Karen to leave there Square with Kayden to make life easier for Sharon.

But of course Sharon has had a change of heart and asked Karen to stay, also deciding that she wanted to raise her baby son herself.

Sharon and Karen/Phil Eastenders BBC

Karen reluctantly gave Kayden back to Sharon (Picture: BBC)

Karen was heartbroken at the thought of handing Kayden over after all this time, and she was seen visibly struggling with the goodbyes in last night's episode.

However, when she packed all of Kayden's things together and delivered him back to Sharon, she didn't even get a thank you and more or less got the front door slammed in her face.

Sharon and Karen/Phil Eastenders BBC

Karen barely got a thank you before having the door slammed in her face (Picture: BBC)

With the scene that showed Sharon showing Karen her gratitude for looking after her son since birth seemingly never made or deleted, fans took to Twitter to show their anger at Sharon...

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As soon as the door was shut in Karen's face, Sharon scooped up her son and told him that she would never leave him again.

Sharon and Karen/Phil Eastenders BBC

Sharon promised Kayden she would never leave him again (Picture: BBC)

And she stuck to her word, because when Phil - who was clearly struggling with having Keanu Taylor's son in his house - made Sharon decide between him and her baby, she was adamant that she wouldn't be losing another son.

Sharon and Karen/Phil Eastenders BBC

Phil made Sharon chose between him and Kayden (Picture: BBC)

So with Phil throwing Sharon and Kayden out on the streets, where will she go now?

And is this the end of Phil's dream to start a new life in The Vic?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.