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Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans in stitches after discovering THIS shock fact about Ian Beale

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Ian Beale has been hiding a secret...

He might have appeared in EastEnders since the first ever episode, but there is still something we didn't know about Ian Beale... and that's his eclectic taste in films!

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans noticed this new fact about Ian after paying close attention to the soap last week... and it seems Ian has a soft spot for films like Broken Flowers, Footloose and Casanova!

Ian Beale EastEnders DVD

Fans were surprised to spot some unlikely DVDs in Ian's collection (Picture: BBC)

Ian's unlikely taste in films was revealed when the camera panned to a framed photo of his late daughter, Lucy, in the Beales' living room.

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But that wasn't the only fact fans discovered.

It turns out Ian also has a number of rental films in his DVD collection, and with most people being hard-pushed to find Blockbuster in their high street these days, one viewer pointed out Ian could have a hefty fine to pay on those...

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But it's unlikely that Ian will have any time to watch films at the moment.

Not only has he got Sharon and her newborn baby, Kayden, living with him, but his sons Bobby and Peter are also both back under his roof.

There is plenty of tension between the brothers as the memory of what happened to Lucy hangs over them like a dark cloud... but there is also the fact Ian is hiding his role in Denny's death that is causing trouble.

EastEnders Denny and Ian

Sharon has no idea that Ian played a part in Denny's death (Picture: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem/)

Sharon is still oblivious to the fact Ian locked her beloved son in a room below deck before the boat sank in gripping scenes that were filmed especially for the soap's 35th anniversary celebrations.

With Sharon still believing that Ian is a hero for trying to save Denny, and with Peter and Bobby in such close proximity, it seems it's only a matter of time before the peace in the Beale house is shattered.

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