EastEnders fans shocked as the show makes a last-minute edit

EastEnders sign - legend of show joining Holby City
EastEnders changed Monday's episode (Image credit: PA Archive/PA Images)

EastEnders fans were surprised and delighted when show bosses made a last-minute change to Monday's episode.

The soap has a history of adding in scenes to mention events that happen in the real world.

Normally, it's only major sporting events or political outcomes that make the cut.

With episodes filmed and edited at least a month of two in advance, it's a big effort for the soap to go back and rescript and film scenes then insert them into the already finished episodes.

EastEnders Callum

Not even the UK's success could cheer up Callum (Image credit: BBC)

So, it was a huge surprise for viewers when Monday night's episode saw not one, but two last-minute references popped in.

First, there was a sporting reference when Frankie suggested that Callum was down because footballer Mark Noble had played his last game for West Ham – the midfielder retiring after 18 years with the club.

But when it seemed that wasn't the problem, Frankie guessed again, as the show paid tribute to the biggest showbiz story of last weekend – the UK managing to come second in The Eurovision Song Contest.

Sam Ryder

Sam was Ryder-ing high in Monday's EastEnders. (Image credit: BBC/Parlophone Music)

Sam Ryder's song Space Man played in the background in the scene as Frankie claimed that Ukraine deserved their win.

However, the topic of the singing contest managed to get Callum to open up about his husband, Ben.

Callum lamented that he never watched the show until he met Ben. Adding that the year the UK do well, is the year he and Ben don't watch it.

When Frankie tried to assure Callum that he and Ben would get over their fall out, Callum revealed that he didn't know if he could forgive his husband.

EastEnders Frankie

Frankie tried to guess Callum's woes (Image credit: BBC)

While the emotional scene played out, viewers were distracted by how quickly the show had managed to put in the Eurovision reference, with the show only airing last Saturday night.

"It's great when EastEnders fits current events in," said one. While another added, "Blimey, a scene filmed today."

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Ben and Callum were at loggerheads over Ben kissing Lewis, the barman at The Prince Albert.

Although Ben stopped the kiss before it went anywhere, Callum witnessed the two together and was devastated.

This came after the shock revelation that Ben was the attacker who had been targeting homophobes in the area.

EastEnders Ben and Callum

Ben and Callum's relationship has hardly been harmonious (Image credit: BBC)

While Ben and Callum made up later, Callum made it clear that Ben was on his last chance.

Will the couple survive to see another Eurovision?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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