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EastEnders fans spot signs that shock AFFAIR is on the cards - did you see them?

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There could be heartbreak heading for one EastEnders couple as fans spot signs that Mick Carter could be up to no good...

EastEnders fans have made the shocking prediction that Mick Carter is going to cheat on wife Linda with Megan, a mum from the new football team he's been coaching.

Last night's trip to Walford saw Mick getting hounded by one of the mum's from the kids football team that he helped coach with Mitch Baker recently, and it has got fans thinking the worst.

At first Megan was out to annoy Mick, asking him for her bus fare that she wasted going to her son's cancelled football match after the mini bus failed to turn up after running Hayley Slater over.

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But when Mick refused to reimburse her for the money she wasted, Megan decided to follow Mick around for the day, hoping that he would change his mind and hand over the cash.

As Mick took little son Ollie to the park for a kick about, Megan was there, making observations from the sidelines, and eventually getting involved, showing Ollie how to score a goal.

EastEnders Ollie Carter and Megan

Megan got involved in playing football with Ollie and Mick Carter last night

Megan even followed Mick into the kitchens at The Vic, where the landlord was trying to hide - only for Linda to seem amused by the whole thing and tell her husband that Megan reminded her of their daughter, Nancy.

By the end of the episode Mick and Megan had hit it off, and after a heart-to-heart between the pair, Mick eventually agreed to coach the football team that Megan's son was part of.

But Fans weren't happy with the flirty banter going to between the pair and think they have spotted the beginnings of a possible affair between the two...

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With Mick having only recently opened up to Linda about his time in jail, helping the pair to build bridges in their relationship, it looked like the Carters' marriage was finally getting back on track.

But could EastEnders fans be right in thinking that Megan's arrival could come between Linda and Mick?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC and BBC / Jack Barnes