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EastEnders fans think they've finally cracked THIS confusing Walford mystery

(Image credit: BBC)

It's been bugging viewers for weeks - but have fans just worked out what's really going on with Linda Carter?

Last night's EastEnders was full of drama as Shirley Carter made a surprise return home, only to find Linda had not only sided with Stuart, but was also filing for divorce.

But what got fans in frazzle was the moment that Shirley reclaimed her pub by throwing Linda and all her belongings out on the street. But was their fight for real, or all part of a huge bluff to extract a confession from Stuart?

Kellie Bright as Linda Carter

Linda is now homeless - but is it all part of a plan?

Pretending she was the one moving out, Shirley went upstairs to gather her belongings while Linda stayed downstairs behind the bar with Stuart, who was clearly enjoying playing the role of Mick Carter for all it was worth.

But while Linda seems to be taken in by her husband's frenemy, the rest of the Carters can see Stuart for who he really is, and can't believe Linda has sided with the enemy. But is there more to this than meets the eye?

After throwing her clothes over the bar, Shirley told Linda: "Sling your hook, and take your pink tat with you".

EastEnders Shirley Carter is back in the Queen Vic

Shirley was only back for five minutes before throwing Linda out

Linda wasn't happy about being thrown out of her own home, replying: "You can't kick me out".

But of course, the pub is actually not all in Linda's name... something that Shirley was only too happy to point out.

"It's my name above the door, Linda. My pub now, my rules. Go on, get out!"

But while Linda was forced to find somewhere else to sleep for the night, fans were left divided over the moment she was thrown out on the streets.

Some fans were totally team Shirley...

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While lots of fans still believe there's more to this storyline than meets the eye.

Plenty of EastEnders fans are convinced that Linda's new-found love for Stuart is all a bluff, with some even believing Shirley is in on it all, and the fighting between the two women is also a set up...

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Whether Linda is playing the long game with Stuart and luring him in to get a confession from him, or whether she really has fallen for his lies all remains to be seen.

Make sure you don't miss the rest of this week's EastEnders to find out what happens.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC1.