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EastEnders fans left SICKENED as this VILE lie comes to light

(Image credit: BBC)

Jean has confronted Suki over her cancer lie...

EastEnders fans were left disgusted and sickened as Jean Slater confronted Suki Panesar over her claims that she is terminally ill last night.

During the Monday night instalment of EastEnders, Jean, who battled cancer herself and recently lost the love of her life Daniel to the disease, decided to question Suki after her suspicions grew.

Jean and Suki in EastEnders BBC

Jean confronted Suki about her cancer lies last night (Picture: BBC)

Amid suspicions that Suki has been falsely claiming to have cancer, Jean's been doing her best detective work to get to the truth, along with the support of close friend Shirley Carter.

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As the women attended a cake and coffee morning alongside other fellow cancer sufferers, Jean probed Suki about her experience with chemotherapy, hoping it might make her new friend slip up on details about her treatment.

EastEnders Jean

Jean was horrified when she discovered her fears about Suki were true (Picture: BBC)

“We do want to hear your story. Unless of course you don’t actually have a story to share,” she announced to the restaurant.

Hitting back, Suki chillingly recited words Jean had told her privately. “If every bad day gives me an extra month, an extra year with my children, then it’s worth it.”

Looking horrified at her response, Jean gasped, “I told you that in strictest confidence. As a friend.”

But wile Jean was upset that her suspicions about Suki lying had been confirmed, over on social media, viewers were also expressing their disgust...

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But Suki's evil lies didn't stop there... Jean later saw her in the Queen Vic with her family, and decided to pull her up on her lies in front of her sons and daughter, Ash.

But while everyone thought Jean was the one making up false claims, it was only when Kheerat called his mum's bluff that the truth was revealed.

Jean and Suki in EastEnders BBC

Jean confronted Suki in the pub, revealing her cancer lies in front of her family (Picture: BBC)

As Kheerat pretended he was going to evict the Slaters from their home in revenge for Jean's attack on Suki, it pushed Suki to finally come clean about her fibs.

However, instead of holding her hands up and admitting what she had done was wrong, Suki proved to be a master manipulator by turning the whole thing around and blaming her children for the fact she was forced to lie.

Jean and Suki in EastEnders BBC

Suki's family were sickened when they realised she had been lying about having terminal cancer (Picture: BBC)

But what will the fall out be from Suki's lies?

Kheerat claimed to still love his mum by the end of last night's episode despite her lies, but is he bluffing?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.