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EastEnders star Lacey Turner reveals what Stacey REALLY thinks about Martin and Ruby’s romance

Stacey is back in EastEnders
Stacey Slater is back in Walford!

Stacey's back in Walford, but will anyone be pleased to see her?

Martin Fowler and Ruby Allen have found love during lockdown, but what will Stacey Fowler make of seeing them together when she returns to EastEnders next week?

Despite having moved on with her life after Martin called things off, it's surely got to hurt Stacey seeing her husband and best friend looking loved up.

EastEnders Ruby Allen

Ruby isn't best pleased to see Stacey back in Walford next week (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

But that's exactly what happens when Stacey comes back to Walford next week.

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Talking about her return to filming after taking maternity leave with her first child, Lacey Turner admitted that Stacey still has feelings for Martin...

"And of course, Kat told her about Ruby and Martin," Lacey reveals.

"Kat came to visit Stacey before lockdown and they've been keeping in touch. She's been keeping her across all the gossip.

"I think for Stacey, she just feels angry towards Ruby, she is supposed to be her best friend.

Martin Fowler and Stacey have a heated chat in EastEnders

Stacey secretly still has feelings for Martin, but does he feel the same way? (Picture: BBC)

"She is really sad about her and Martin. In her heart of hearts she does still love him and it is hard for her to watch them together.

"But in true Stacey style, she will just put on a front and pretend that she doesn't care."

Reunion on the cards?

Lacey admitted that she would take Martin back in a heartbeat...

"She has been through a break up with Jerome and since then she has been living the life. But she thinks it's not that serious between Martin and Ruby and that he's there for the money.

Stacey is worried Jean won't forgive her in EastEnders

Will Jean be pleased to see her daughter back in Walford? (Picture: BBC)

"She definitely doesn't think it is going to last forever.

"It is a bit of a joke for her and she would take Martin back tomorrow, she is still very much in love with him.

"It's sad. Poor Stacey!"

As to what we can look forward to in the coming months with Stacey, Lacey says: "She’s back and she’s not really taking any rubbish at the moment.

"She’s living her life, she’s looking after her kids, she’s there for her family and she’s trying to back the best of a bad situation with Ruby and Martin and just tackle it the best that she can. She’s a feisty one!"

Stacey will be back on screen in EastEnders on Monday 21st September. 

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