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This EastEnders legend talks about those Albert Square return rumours

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The Grantchester star on keeping in touch with her friends from EastEnders and those rumours that she'll head back to Walford as Little Mo

It's the rumour that won't go away: with Kat Slater still such a big force in Albert Square, fans are always hoping that her sisters will come home to Walford. But Kacey Ainsworth, who won two National Television Awards for playing Little Mo, says she has no plans to return to EastEnders anytime soon.

"I think that house is stuffed full of Slaters already, Little Mo would have to sleep outside!" laughs the 50-year-old star.

"I love the fact we created a screen family back in 2000 that people are still loving now, and I’m still in touch with all my sisters, but I also love the diversity of my job at the moment, going from Grantchester to working with Ken Loach. I blow the Slaters kisses from afar!" she tells us.

Ex EastEnders star Kacey Ainsworth, who played Little Mo

Kacey isn't planning on returning to EastEnders at the moment

Kacey is currently starring opposite Robson Green in ITV period drama GrantchesterThis year her character, Cathy, is at the centre of a sexual harassment storyline inspired by the Me Too movement, as she is pestered by her boss, Mr Hobbs.


Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy in Grantchester

"I thought it was great we would be tackling such a storyline," says Kacey, who's also enjoyed roles in The Worst Witch, Casualty and Holby Blue. "We looked at what was going on now in 2018/19 with the Me Too campaign, and how something like that would have been handled in the 1950s.

"The great thing about Grantchester is we shine a light on issues that are still current now and look at how far have we come. Although how far have we come? I think it’s only very recently that people have started to understand the levels of manipulation when it comes to women in the workplace."

Grantchester continues on ITV.

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