Shock 'MURDER' plot for THIS EastEnders legend begins tonight

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Phil Mitchell’s fate is revealed as killer Ben Mitchell puts Keanu Taylor in the frame

EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell has been lying in a coma in a hospital bed ever since Stacey Fowler bashed him over the head with a wrench at the Arches. But while Stacey had instinctively lashed out to stop Phil beating up hubby Martin Fowler, the real danger to Phil’s life is his own son, Ben Mitchell!

EastEnders Kat Moon Stacey Fowler and Martin Fowler

Stacey, Martin and Kat stare down at an injured Phil. (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

After finding a terrified Stacey clutching the bloodied weapon, instead of calling for an ambulance, Ben sent Stacey and Martin away from the scene of the crime. As Phil lay dying at the bottom of the Arches’ pit, Ben put into action a plan to frame arch-rival Keanu Taylor for Phil’s attempted murder.

EastEnders Ben Mitchell

Ben finds Phil injured and surprises Kat, Martin and Stacey. (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

It was only once he’d smeared Keanu’s garage overalls with Phil’s blood that he finally called in the paramedics. Then he put in a stellar performance as the horrified son who had walked in to find his father left for dead.

But if leaving Phil bleeding while he set up Keanu wasn’t bad enough, when he found Phil alone in his hospital bed in this Monday's episode he had murder in mind. Filled with rage that Phil had pushed him aside and taken Keanu under his wing instead, Ben wanted vengeance. And after Stacey’s cousin Kat Moon, stepmum Sharon Mitchell and sister Louise Mitchell all made it clear they thought the convicted killer was responsible for the attack, Ben snapped.

Grasping Phil’s ventilator tubes, the cliffhanger saw a sinister Ben looked into Phil’s comatose face, saying, "everyone thinks I did this to you, so why don’t I just finish the job…"

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In tonight’s must see episode fans are set to find out whether it really is all over for the Walford legend. Ben comes face-to-face with brother Jay Mitchell, who is horrified to discover the extent of Ben’s hatred for Phil. After finding out what Ben is capable of, Jay walks away. Lola Pearce, however, pleads with Jay to bring Ben home for the sake of Ben’s young daughter Lexi.

Meanwhile, in the Taylor household Karen Taylor is in bits, terrified for her son Keanu following his arrest for the attack on Phil. They’re both stunned when Keanu’s baby mama Louise Mitchell calls with news about her dad…

Has Ben murdered Phil? If he’s met his maker then Keanu is looking at a murder charge, not just GBH. Or will convicted killer Ben’s murderous plan be found out?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.


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