EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell's life hangs in the balance!

EastEnders Phil Mitchell played by Steve McFadden
(Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

Phil Mitchell has been left in deadly danger, Bernadette Taylor makes a shock discovery about her mum, and cheating Adam Bateman juggles both his women...

After the horrific events in the Arches, EastEnders' Phil Mitchell has been left for dead! With questions being asked, those involved take drastic action to cover their tracks. But how far will they go to make sure they hide their involvement? And will Phil survive?

Bernadette Taylor is upset with her formerly straight mum Karen Taylor for going on a date with businesswoman Caren (opens in new tab). When the gay teenager gets her mum on her own she tries to make her see the consequences of her actions.

Karen is left with food for thought about plunging into this new relationship. When Caren suggests they take things back to Karen’s house, what will she say?

EastEnders Adam Bateman tries to talk to Habiba Ahmed

Adam tries to reassure Habiba (Picture: BBC)

Adam Bateman is desperate to keep the peace with lover Habiba Ahmed and he suggests that they go out on a proper date. However, the love rat’s plan is soon derailed when he returns home to find girlfriend Honey Mitchell all dressed up and planning a romantic evening for the two of them!

When Adam does his best to make excuses, Honey is upset and suspicious that Adam is up to something. Realising that he needs to keep Honey sweet, he reluctantly cancels his plans with Habiba.

EastEnders Stuart and Rainie are on a date

Stuart takes Rainie on a date (Picture: BBC)

Also, Stuart Highway takes Rainie Branning out for dinner. But when he becomes concerned by her behaviour he takes her to the Community Centre. What is he up to?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.00 pm

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