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EastEnders fans convinced there is a DOUBLE KILLER loose in Walford

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Last night's EastEnders saw Stacey Slater attack Phil Mitchell with a wrench...

EastEnders fans have known for weeks that Phil Mitchell was to be attacked and left for dead in a huge storyline twist, but soap bosses managed to keep the fact Stacey Slater was the culprit under wraps until the episode aired last night.

As the episode progressed Phil managed to rub half of Walford up the wrong way, lining up any number of potential attackers who would be leaving him for dead by the time the credits rolled.

Stacey was revealed to be Phil Mitchell's attacker in last night's EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

Stacey was revealed to be Phil Mitchell's attacker in last night's EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

But it turns out it was Stacey who whacked Phil over the head with a wrench in the middle of The Arches, and fans are convinced he is dead, meaning this would be the second Mitchell she has killed in the same way.

Stacey killed Archie Mitchell a decade ago by hitting him over the head in revenge for the games he played with her and Bradley, and the unlikely killer struck again last night...

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Stacey being the attacker came as a huge shock to fans, mainly because there were so many other people out for revenge on Phil in yesterday's episode.

Not only was Ben on the warpath after discovering from Sharon that he had been written out of his dad's will and replaced with Keanu, but Keanu himself was also angry with Phil for getting involved with dodgy dealings again when they have babies on the way.

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Phil and Keanu had a huge fight in the middle of The Vic, leaving everyone in the pub witnessing their angry outburst.

EastEnders Ben Mitchell talks to Sharon Mitchell

Ben is stunned when Sharon reveals he has been written out of Phil's will (Picture: BBC)

Next in line was Kat Slater, who drunkenly mocked Phil for stashing his £50,000.

Phil didn't take too kindly to the fact he was being laughed at and soon threatened Kat's kids, which left her fuming.

The pair had a huge fight in The Arches, but just as things were getting messy, Martin arrived and came to Kat's rescue.

EastEnders Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

Phil and Keanu clashed last night - but it was Stacey who attacked the Walford hardman (Picture: BBC)

But as Martin took on the Mitchell patriarch himself, he was soon overpowered by Phil and was about to be choked to death with a metal pole when Stacey appeared from nowhere and knocked Phil out cold with a metal wrench, causing him to fall into the mechanics' pit in a pool of blood.

But despite the fact fans are convinced Phil is dead, tomorrow's EastEnders will see him rushed to hospital still alive - although things don't look good for Phil as doctors fight to save him.

But where will this leave Stacey? Is she heading to prison for her crimes once again?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.