EastEnders praised as rapist Dean Wicks walks free

Dean Wicks brave victims band together as they await his trial verdict
Dean Wicks brave victims band together as they await his trial verdict (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Rape Crisis praises EastEnders’ ‘bold’ decision to allow serial rapist Dean Wicks to walk free in last night's shocking storyline outcome...

Leading charity Rape Crisis has welcomed the way EastEnders presented a shock storyline which saw Dean Wicks acquitted of attempted rape.

Dean (Matt Di Angelo) was on trial for the attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), and viewers also know that he raped Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

Dean Wicks attacking girlfriend Roxy Mitchell

Dean Wicks attacking girlfriend Roxy Mitchell (BBC)


But while Linda and Roxy were upset by the outcome, charity Rape Crisis hailed the BBC’s “bold” decision to focus on them, rather than the trial.

A post on the soap’s blog by Rebecca Hitchen, operations co-ordinator at Rape Crisis South London, explained: “We may be angry and frustrated by the fact that Dean does not get the comeuppance he deserves and be shocked that he has got away with his crimes again.

“We know that he is a rapist and that he is a serial offender, and we can predict that he will continue to perpetrate his crimes against women, wherever he ends up.

EastEnders' Linda Carter

EastEnders’ Linda Carter (BBC)


“But it is an important reality to face, that far too often rapists are not convicted; and justice is not realised. This is why additional support, and other ways to have their voices heard, are so crucial for survivors.”

She highlighted low conviction rates and the prejudices facing rape survivors, adding: “We know that just one in 15 women who are raped make the decision to report to the police.”

Dean’s trial took place off-screen, with the focus on the women affected by his crimes as they united together at the Queen Vic to await the verdict.

Awaiting the verdict

Awaiting the verdict (BBC)


Rebecca praised the BBC soap for how the storyline had been presented, writing: “EastEnders has now made another bold decision; rather than airing the usual version of a courtroom drama, they instead show the stress and the anxiety survivors and their loved ones experience in the criminal justice system waiting for the outcome, and learning the verdict.”

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