EastEnders reveals a new Mitchell baddie - but it's not who you might expect!

EastEnders The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders
Who has the murder weapon in EastEnders? (Image credit: BBC)

*This article contains spoilers for tonight's (Tuesday, June 25) episode of EastEnders on BBC iPlayer and is yet to air on TV*

EastEnders reveals a new Mitchell baddie in tonight's episode, but it's not Phil, or Stevie, or any of the usual suspects!

Instead it's the usually sweet-tempered Will Mitchell who's revealed as the bad guy!

In last week's episodes Lexi, Jay and Callum held a fundraiser in memory of Lexi's mum Lola who died from a brain tumour.

As the punters in The Vic dug deep to donate to the worthy cause, the charity pot grew bigger.

But at the end of the evening, it was gone! 

And Stevie was prime suspect.

Mo Harris i a feather boa and Steve Mitchell on stage doing a magic show

Stevie threw himself into Lola's fundraiser (Image credit: BBC)

So when today's episode begins, everyone is convinced Stevie is the criminal - the one who's pocketed the cash.

Desperate to clear his name, Stevie does some investigations, asking questions around the Square.

He speaks to his grandson Will, who says he didn't see anything, but mentions that Gina Knight - who was working behind the bar at the fundraiser - had a drugs problem.

So Stevie heads over to the Queen Vic and speaks to an annoyed Gina, only to be thrown out by her brother, Junior.

Will Mitchell and Stevie Mitchell sitting in the cafe.

Will and Stevie have been bonding (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Later, when Stevie airs his woes to Mo, she suggests that perhaps Will was the one who took the money.

"Charity money?" says Stevie. "He wouldn't." But he admits Will is in trouble which often makes people make bad decisions. 

As Stevie knows, Will's in desperate need of cash because he's being blackmailed by kids from his school.

And it seems Stevie might be right, because as everyone gathers in the pub to watch the England match, Will's on edge.

A confrontation between his dad Billy and his grandad doesn't help, as Billy tells Stevie he needs to leave.

"Out on the scrapheap, am I? asks Stevie.

Will Mitchell looks horrified

Will's at home when Stevie finds him (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Will's trying to stick up for his grandfather, telling Billy and Phil they're wrong, and when they don't agree he storms off home.

That's where Stevie finds him. He accuses Will of stealing the money and it's obvious Will did it. So Stevie begs the teenager to come clean and face his problems like a man.

Stevie Mitchell unconscious on the floor

Stevie is knocked unconscious (Image credit: BBC)

Will's not having it, and when Stevie grabs his top, the teen lashes out and shoves his grandfather away.

Stevie stumbles, hits his head and slumps to the floor, still and silent.

Has Will just secured his place as the latest bad penny in the Mitchell clan?!

EastEnders airs tonight at 7:30pm on BBC Two. Check our TV Guide for more information.

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