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EastEnders reveals DOUBLE baby TWIST at Christmas for THIS Walford favourite

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Last night's EastEnders confirmed that there are two baby twists heading to Walford this Christmas...

It has been confirmed by EastEnders that both Louise and Sharon Mitchell will be welcoming their babies into the world at Christmastime.

While fans have known for months that Louise and her stepmother Sharon are set to both have a baby fathered by Keanu Taylor, the exact date of the new addition's arrivals was murky.

EastEnders Louise Mitchell

Louise has no idea that Keanu is also the father of Sharon's unborn baby (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

However last night's trip to Walford (Monday 4th October) saw Keanu confirm that Louise was seven and a half months pregnant... meaning her baby is due towards the end of December.

And with Keanu getting both Louise and Sharon pregnant at the same time, it appears the pair could be welcoming their new bundles of joy into the world as part of the soap's Christmas storylines.

While Louise is set to celebrate her 18th birthday this week, last night's EastEnders also saw Sharon talking about her recent 50th birthday celebrations... giving scheming Mel Owen a new idea on how she can unleash her revenge on the Mitchells.

Sharon Mitchell confronts Mel Owen in the Vic in EastEnders

Mel has been blackmailing Sharon for weeks (Picture: BBC)

For weeks she has been plotting to get Louise to move to Portugal, leaving Phil without his daughter in the Square... but this week sees her planning to throw Louise and Sharon a joint party.

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But with her want for revenge controlling her every move, it seems there is more to this party that just celebrating Louise and Sharon's milestone birthdays.

It's Louise's birthday

They might look like one big happy family... but that's all set to change (Picture: BBC)

As the day of the party arrives next week, Louise is set to revel in the attention, but Sharon is wise to Mel'g games and knows that something is afoot.

She races to the airport, wanting to get to Phil, who is heading home, before Mel does... but Keanu warns Sharon that Mel is on to her and a terrifying car chase ensues.

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As the women race against one another to get to Phil first, Mel is desperate for revenge, while Sharon is determined to keep the secret that will tear her family apart safely hidden.

Is the truth about to explode? We wouldn't like to be in Keanu's shoes when Phil finds out the truth.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.