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EastEnders spoilers: SHOCK showdown for Whitney and Ben!

EastEnders, Whitney Dean, Ben Mitchell
(Image credit: (Picture: BBC))

SNEAK PEEK! After Whitney's fiance Callum made a SHOCK confession in last night's episode of EastEnders, Ben had better watch his back...

Talk about a cliffhanger! At the very end of last night's episode of EastEnders, Callum "Halfway" Highway (played by Tony Clay) confessed to his stunned fiancee Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) that he had cheated on her with local bad boy Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden)...

So what happens next? As these SNEAK PEEK pictures from EastEnders on Friday 30th August show, furious Whitney is out to confront love rival Ben. And she ain't gonna go easy on him!

Confronting Ben at the Beale house, Whitney hits him with some harsh home truths before giving Ben a chilling threat. But what is Whitney going to do? And the BIG question is, will Whitney and Callum's planned wedding still go ahead?

EastEnders, Whitney Dean, Ben Mitchell

SNEAK PEEK! There's a showdown between Whitney and Ben on EastEnders on Friday 30th September. (Picture: BBC)

The couple will need to make up their minds soon, as in tonight's (Thursday) episode of EastEnders, the hen and stag nights got underway.

While the ladies went wild at the E20, the fellas got lairy at the Vic with Callum's brother Stuart (Ricky Champ) secretly out to make sure Ben didn't ruin the moment by locking him in the boot of a car at the Arches!

Callum was shocked when he found out what his brother had done, and rushed over to free Ben. However, tensions soon rose between the pair when Callum made it clear he wasn't gay and was sticking with fiancee Whitney.

But Ben knew exactly how to wind him up, causing a drunk and confused Callum to snap and lash out at Ben!

EastEnders, Ben Mitchell, Callum Highway

Ben and Callum had a punch-up on last night's episode of EastEnders. (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders, Ben Mitchell, Callum Highway

Confused Callum claims he's NOT gay and is sticking with fiancee Whitney on EastEnders. (Picture: BBC)

However, Callum's conscience soon got the better of him. Gate crashing the hen party, he asked to speak to Whitney alone. And that's when she heard the kind of confession no bride-to-be wants to hear shortly before their wedding day:

"I cheated on you," Callum confessed.

"What? With who?" Whitney wanted to know.

"Ben Mitchell."

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