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EastEnders spoilers: Whitney and Ruby have MASSIVE heart-to-heart tonight

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Whitney Carter have heart-to-heart
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Whitney offers a distraught Ruby some words of wisdom

Whitney Carter offers emotional support to Ruby Allen in tonight’s EastEnders having become aware of her rape ordeal.

Ruby is in turmoil this evening following her rape becoming public knowledge in The Vic during Thursday’s special episode of EastEnders, which was set entirely in the pub.

EastEnders - Ruby and Stacey see Martin, Matt and Ross

Ruby's rape secret was exposed in a dramatic episode of EastEnders last night. Now, Ruby is in a state and in emotional turmoil

In a very bad place, Ruby (played by Louisa Lytton) decides to put on a brave face and go out, but she quickly becomes overwhelmed.

Whitney - who was groomed by stepdad Tony and sexually exploited by boyfriend Rob - sees that Ruby is struggling and offers to help.

Later in tonight’s EastEnders, Whitney (played by Shona McGarty) checks up on Ruby again to make sure she’s OK and they end up having an emotional heart-to-heart. Whitney offers Ruby lots of advice and words of comfort as the pair enjoy a really good chat.

But will Ruby be truly comforted by Whitney’s support?

Meanwhile, EastEnders fans have been full of praise for Thursday’s episode, one tweeted: “EastEnders really did amazing, bringing conversations about rape, consent, gender and racial inequality and power imbalance… all in the same episode! Wow.”

Another said: “Hats off to EastEnders for last night’s episode. Brilliantly produced and directed. Incredibly well acted by the entire cast in the Vic on a subject that needs to be discussed so much more. Well done.”

EastEnders Alfie Moon Kat Moon

Kat Moon is stunned when Alfie turns up on the Slaters' doorstep. What will she say to a smiling Alfie? Will she wipe that smile off his face?!

Meanwhile, also in tonight's episode Kat gets a massive shock when there's a knock on the door and she finds Alfie standing there! What will she have to say to him?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 tonight at 8pm.