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EastEnders spoilers: Ruby’s rape secret EXPOSED in special episode

EastEnders - Ruby and Stacey see Martin, Matt and Ross
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Her nightmare is set to get even worse tonight in The Vic...

Ruby Allen’s torment continues in EastEnders tonight when her rape ordeal becomes public knowledge in a special episode set entirely in The Queen Vic.

In Tuesday's episode, Ruby headed to the pub with Stacey Fowler and was left horrified to see her rapists Matt and Ross enjoying a drink with Stacey's husband, Martin. But actress Louisa Lytton - who plays Ruby - reveals that her character's evening from hell only gets worse.

Says Louisa: “Stacey’s about to fly off the handle, so Ruby tries to keep her quiet. She wants to leave but can’t, because she doesn’t want to arouse suspicion by just walking out.

“Then Glenn comes in – Matt and Ross’s friend. Ruby hears what he says, and she blurts out something that means everyone knows she’s the victim. She’s like, “Oh my God, what have I done?”’

EastEnders Stacey Fowler Martin Fowler

Stacey Fowler stands up to Matt in front of husband Martin. She's furious and seriously unimpressed with Martin's drinking buddies

In Friday's episode of the BBC1 soap, Ruby gets a visit from Whitney. Can Whit – groomed by stepdad Tony and sexually exploited by boyfriend Rob – give Ruby the strength to face her neighbours with her head held high?

Meanwhile, Louisa has spoken about the challenge of filming an entire episode based just in The Vic

“Filming in The Vic, it’s scary! Everybody in the show says it. All eyes are on you. It’s intimidating," she says.

“I was really nervous about it, and people like Letitia Dean and even Steve McFadden said everyone feels that about a big scene in The Vic.”

EastEnders Kat Moon

Kat is in a bad place tonight

Also in tonight's EastEnders, which is on at 7.30pm, Kat is still struggling to deal with Maurice’s revelation and turns to her usual coping mechanism of getting drunk and disorderly.

EastEnders continues on BBC1.