EastEnders viewers predict a shock new affair!

EastEnders Albert Square sign
Lust is in the air in Albert Square? (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans thought they spotted an interesting frisson in Thursday’s episode, as two characters grew close.

Recently, EastEnders Rainie has been struggling to bring up baby Roland while hubby Stuart undergoes his cancer treatment.

With Stuart not helping out with the baby, Rainie has been bearing the brunt and has been turning to neighbour Mitch for help.

Rainie thinks Stuart hasn’t been hands-on with Roland as he’s exhausted from his treatment. 

Meanwhile, she knew former addict Stuart was struggling with his fear that he’d become dependant on the painkillers he’s been prescribed to take.


Stuart reveals the truth to shocked Rainie (Image credit: BBC)

However, Rainie was shattered when Stuart revealed the truth – that he had no feelings for little Roland and he’d even give him back to surrogate mum Bernie if he could.

Upset, Rainie headed out to try and get her head together. She bumped into Mitch, who realised all wasn’t well with Rainie.

As he helped her look after Roland, the pair chatted. Rainie covered for Stuart, blaming it on things being difficult having a new baby while Stuart was ill.

As Rainie left, Mitch took her arm and assured her he was here for her "anytime".

Rainie Highway confides in Mitch Baker

Is this the beginning of Ritch... or is it Mainie? (Image credit: BBC)

The pair have been growing closer over the last couple of months, and this latest conversation made viewers sure there was a new storyline in the offing — an affair!

"My 'I'm sad so I'm going to have an affair' klaxon is BLARING during this Rainie and Mitch scene," said one. While another mischievously posted: "Raine and Mitch up a tree..."

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EastEnders Rainie Stuart

Stuart's confession has shattered Rainie's life (Image credit: BBC)

As the episode drew to a close, Rainie and Stuart chatted.

“I don’t hate you, Stuart, I just don’t understand you,” she said. “You don’t love our baby and that breaks my heart.”

She then admitted: “I wish you were addicted again, Stuart, because that would be a damn sight easier to live with.”

With the gap between them bigger than ever, will we see fans predications come true and Rainie pushed into the arms of another man?

EastEnders screens Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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