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Emmerdale viewers praise this 'unexpected bromance' after dramatic Ross Barton scenes

It's been a dramatic week for Ross Barton after he suffered a heart attack following a cocaine binge on Thursday night's show.

And things only look to be getting worse as he retuned home from hospital with pal Ryan Stocks to find drug dealer Gaz in his flat holding a crowbar and demanding the money he owes.

But as Gaz then ransacked valuable items from his home to pay for his cocaine debts - it was Ryan (James Moore) who managed to save the situation by convincing Ross (Michael Parr) not to retaliate.

He warned Ross: “You’ve got a tougher fight to come, that’s getting off drugs.

“It’s just stuff, it’s not important.”

As Ryan then listened to his mate and allowed Gaz to do as he pleased, fans of the show rushed to Twitter to praise the pair's friendship.

"Ross and Ryan are the soap opera friendship I didn’t know I needed in my life", wrote one viewer.

While another added: "So loving Ross and Ryan's friendship.... #Emmerdale".

And a third agreed: "Loving the friendship Ross and Ryan have formed in #emmerdale . Got a real bromance going on".

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Meanwhile Ryan’s mum Charity Dingle has been on a downward spiral following the traumatic trial of DI Bails who groomed and raped her when she was a teenager.

Even after justice was finally served against the evil copper - who received 30 years behind bars - Charity (played by Emma Atkins) continues to self-destruct as she woke up hungover after another heavy night of drinking.

Emmerdale spoilers! Chas Dingle tries to get through to Charity Dingle who's on self-destruct

Concerned by her behaviour, pregnant Chas tried the tough love approach and told her to get her act together.

Meanwhile, Faith (Sally Dexter), decided to go about things a different way as she urged Charity not to let the situation ruin her relationship with her girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield.

Will Charity finally listen to her family?