'Emmerdale' fans amazed by Mack’s mid-scene hair swap!

Emmerdale Mack
Emmerdale Mack goes on a hair-raising adventure! (Image credit: ITV)

There were tense scenes in tonight’s Emmerdale, as Vanessa tried to help mend things between Mack and her ex, Charity.

But it wasn’t Vanessa’s good intentions that surprised fans, eagle-eyed viewers were distracted by something else.

As Vanessa gave him to talking to in the cafe, Mack seemed to secretly find a hairbrush – as one minute his hair was messy with a floppy fringe, and the next it was sleeked back and tidied up!

Emmerdale Mack

Hair we go... (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale Mack

...hair we go, hair we go! (Image credit: ITV)

“Mack brushed is hair half way through that scene,” posted one viewer.

The scene ended with Mack sporting his new do, but the drama wasn’t over.

Mack’s has been in the doghouse with Charity after planting a kiss on Dawn. He was jealous of Charity’s renewed friendship with Vanessa, but he got more than he bargained for when the kiss looked set to spell the end for Charity and him.

Tonight’s episode saw Vanessa step in. She told Mack in no uncertain terms that nothing was going on between her and Charity. She then added that Charity was on her way to see him before he kissed Dawn to apologise for her recent behaviour.


Emmerdale Vanessa

Vanessa tidied Mack's hair with the power of her fury! (Image credit: ITV)

Later, Mack was obviously having second thought about his actions. Vanessa’s words ringing in his ears, he apologised to Billy and Dawn for his behaviour. Later, he met up with Charity, and decided to put his cards on the table. And luckily him, Charity was in a forgiving mood.

“I just want to be with you,” he said.

 “And I want that as well,” replied Charity.

 “Really?” asked Mack.

 “Really,” she insisted. “Vanessa is the past, you’re my future.”

Emmerdale Charity Mack

Mack styles it out with Charity. (Image credit: ITV)

So, with Mack no longer for the chop, it seems the hairy times are over for the couple.

Maybe it was Mack’s slick new do that swung it?

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