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Emmerdale fans convinced THIS is Pierce Harris' next VICTIM after he's revealed as Graham's KILLER

Pierce Harris revealed as Graham Foster's killer in Emmerdale ITV

Emmerdale fans are convinced that someone in the village should be sleeping with one eye open...

Last night's Emmerdale saw Pierce Harris revealed as Graham Foster's murderer after a huge week of special episodes leading up to the businessman's demise.

But while soap fans across the nation are getting their heads around the fact Rhona Goskirk's ex is back on our screens, some fans are convinced they have worked out who is next on the killer's hit list... and it's Rhona!

Vanessa finds out Rhona's leaving Emmerdale ITV

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Pierce could be planning to kill Rhona next (Picture: ITV)

Fans were thrilled to see Pierce back, and after piecing together the clues that have been staring us in the face for weeks, it was good to finally know who bumps Graham off after months of talking about his whodionnut exit.

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Not only do fans think Leo's missing passport is down to Pierce, but they're also convinced that he is the strange man who has been watching Rhona and Graham.

Pierce Harris revealed as Graham Foster's killer in Emmerdale ITV

Last night's Emmerdale saw Pierce revealed as Graham's killer (Picture: ITV)

Fans also believe Pierce is the mystery caller who left a voicemail on Rhona's landline last week, leading to Graham heading out with a menacing look on his face, only to return home with bloody knuckles.

But while we're still waiting for confirmation on whether Pierce is the one Graham beat up last week, fans are already looking forward to next week convinced that Rhona could be next on Pierce's hit list as he looks for revenge on being locked up for raping her...

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Despite the fact Marlon, Charity, Al, Kim, Jamie and Andrea were all lined up as suspects for Graham's grisly murder, it turns out that Pierce was the one who attacked his nemesis in the woods under the cover of darkness.

But Pierce might be fresh out of prison and looking for revenge, but did he kill Graham single-handedly?

Or were the other suspects in Graham's whodunnit still partially to blame?

Pierce Harris revealed as Graham Foster's killer in Emmerdale ITV

Graham's dead, but is Rhona next? (Picture: ITV)

At the end of the first episode that aired last night Andrea was covered in blood, and at some point in the lead up to Graham's death we know someone runs him off the road, knocking him over a bridge.

Could all the suspects in some way or another played a part in his demise?

Make sure you watch Emmerdale tomorrow evening (Friday 24th January) at 7pm to find out how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.