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Emmerdale fans FUMING after latest twist in Maya’s abuse storyline is revealed

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Emmerdale fans have been left reeling at the desperate lengths Maya Stepney will go to keep her grooming secret hidden...

Emmerdale fans have been left fuming after watching Maya Stepney stoop to a new low in a bid to keep her sickening grooming of Jacob Gallagher under wraps.

Last night's double bill saw Maya, played by actress Louisa Clein, desperately trying to get the cash together so that she could pay Liv to keep quiet about her "romance" with Jacob.

But when boyfriend David questioned why she was selling her car, Maya was forced to think fast and lie that she needed the money to pay for the legal fees for her divorce.

Emmerdale Maya and Jacob’s domestic bliss is interrupted as David arrives home early in Emmerdale

Maya has been grooming Jacob for months...

But her plan totally backfired when David started to question her further, telling her that she should have come to him if she needed the cash.

Little does David know, Maya is really trying to find the money so that she can pay Liv to keep the truth about her sleeping with Jacob a secret - imagine if he knew the truth!

Even after all this time, David is still blind to the fact his girlfriend has been grooming his adoptive son since he was underage... not only abusing her position as a teacher, but also sneaking behind his back every chance she has.

Maya and Jacob’s domestic bliss is interrupted as David arrives home early in Emmerdale

David has come close to discovering the truth, but remains in the dark for now...

But as fans call for Maya to get her comeuppance, they were left shocked last night when she stopped to a new low, seemingly accepting David's offer to take his life savings instead of selling her car.

Fans were incredulous that she would take money from her boyfriend to use as hush money to cover up the fact she is sleeping with his teenage son...

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But Emmerdale fans will be pleased to know they don't have to to wait much longer for the truth about Maya's grooming to come to light.

This week's Emmerdale sees various villagers heading into town for a night out clubbing, but after a series of unexpected events, someone is set to catch Maya kissing Jacob in tomorrow night's (Thursday 25th) episode.


Who will be the one to discover the truth about Maya?

But how will Maya react when she realises her secret is finally out? And what will the person who unearthed the truth do with their new-found information?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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