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Emmerdale spoilers: WHO catches Maya Stepney and Jacob Gallagher together?

Emmerdale - Maya Stepney and Jacob Gallagher

Time's up for Maya and Jacob's forbidden affair? During the drama of the villagers BIG night out, someone catches the pair together...

As the villagers big night out in Hotten continues in the second episode of tonight's Emmerdale double-bill, Maya Stepney storms out of the nightclub after seeing her fella David Metcalfe kissing his ex, Tracy.

Maya sees David and Tracy kiss in Emmerdale

Maya sees the surprise kiss between David and Tracy. (Picture: ITV)

Not that high school teacher Maya is any position to complain about love cheats David and Tracy, when she has been carrying on an inappropriate relationship with David's schoolboy son Jacob Gallagher since last year!

She heads straight into the arms of trouble when she meets-up with Jacob, who was thrown when he discovered his dad David was planning to propose to Maya.

But thinking the coast is clear, everything's about to change for Maya and Jacob when someone else from the village catches them together! But who? With Jacob's bitter ex-girlfriend, Liv Flaherty already in the know, how long will it be before Maya and Jacob's ticking timebomb finally explodes?

Meanwhile, as the drinks flow inside the nightclub, drunk village vet Rhona Goskirk is feeling jealous and annoyed about her boyfriend Pete Barton after their falling out earlier this week. But maybe Pete will be the jealous one when Rhona meets a handsome stranger!

And there's chaos when the fire alarm goes off and the nightclub has to be evacuated, separating Victoria Sugden from boyfriend Ellis Chapman and the rest of their friends.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV