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Emmerdale fans have their DREAMS SHATTERED after this UNEXPECTED twist tonight


Forget Graham Foster's murder, THIS is what tonight's Emmerdale has got fans talking about...

Emmerdale fans aren't happy after tonight's episode, but it's not because we're no closer to working out who killed Graham Foster, but because Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield's long-awaited wedding was tragically cancelled.

The episode got off to a promising start when Charity rounded up her family and brought them back to the house for their surprise day.

Do Charity and Ryan kill Graham in Emmerdale? ITV

Vanessa and Charity's big day got off to a positive start... but things soon turned sour (Picture: ITV)

And as Tracy Metcalfe did bride-to-be Charity's make up, it seemed this was finally it - 'Vanity' were tying the knot.

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However, as Vanessa got home with news that Graham and Rhona were leaving for France that very same day, Charity couldn't help but want to let Marlon know what was going on.

However, Vanessa managed to calm Charity down and get her to focus on their wedding day... and when Sarah and Noah find out what the pair had planned, they couldn't be happier.

Graham summons Ryan in Emmerdale

Ryan was left humiliated after Graham locked him in a shed (Picture: ITV)

But the smile was wiped off both Charity and Vanessa's faces when they realised Ryan was a no show, and Charity managed to persuade Vanessa to go ahead to the registry office while she looked for her son.

Eventually Charity tracked Ryan down to the kayak shed that Graham had cruelly locked him in, but it was only when she realised just how much Graham's actions had affected Ryan that she called Vanessa to cancel the wedding.

Do Charity and Ryan kill Graham in Emmerdale? ITV

Charity had no choice but to call Vanessa and cancel their wedding (Picture: ITV)

But it wasn't only Vanessa who was devastated at the wedding being called off, 'Vanity' fans across the nation were left heartbroken and wanting to know when they'll tie the knot...

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After a showdown with Graham in the middle of the village, Charity vowed revenge and got Ryan on board to help her.

But as the pair were later seen on a bridge in the dark, looking down to where Graham's lifeless body was lying, it seemed the pair could have just bumped him off for his meddling in their family life.

Do Charity and Ryan kill Graham in Emmerdale? ITV

Could Charity have blood on her hands after her showdown with Graham? (Picture: ITV)

So are they guilty of killing Graham, or was Charity's "no regrets" comment comment to do with something else entirely?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.