Emmerdale fans praise Cain's emotional scenes in the 50th anniversary episode

Emmerdale 50th Anniversary generic shot of the village
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Emmerdale fans have praised the emotional scenes between Cain Dingle and his wife Moira during the show's dramatic 50th anniversary episode, which aired earlier this evening.

Viewers took to social media to praise the cast, crew and special effects as a huge storm hit the village and caused chaos - and tragedy.

But it wasn't the huge stunts that got people talking. 

Instead it was grumpy alpha-male Cain Dingle breaking down in Moira's arms over the death of his mum, Faith, that won the most admiration from fans.

Emmerdale spoilers, Cain Dingle

It was Cain's tears for his mum that really wowed the viewers (Image credit: ITV)

The episode began with a nod to the very first episode of Emmerdale. We saw Kim Tate out riding across the fields, and Moira Barton taking a moment to appreciate the countryside, just as that early episode started.

And there was a brief memorial to characters that have passed away as the camera panned across the graveyard. 

Emmerdale spoilers, Kim Tate, Will Taylor, Harriet Finch

Kim and Will's wedding was the focus of the episode (Image credit: ITV)

Then the drama started! 

With Kim Tate having seen fiance Will Taylor share a moment with his ex, Harriet Finch, it wasn't clear if their wedding would take place. 

Will hoped he'd done enough to convince Kim she was the one for him, and when she finally arrived on her horse, looking amazing in her red riding gear, the viewers were thrilled.

Kim and Will tied the knot, but that was the least of the villagers' worries.

Emmerdale spoilers, Amelia Spencer

Will Amelia be all right? (Image credit: ITV)

Pregnant teen Amelia Spencer had set off for Wylie's Farm to meet boyfriend Noah Dingle. But the wind was so strong, she was finding it hard to walk and then - disaster! Amelia went into labour. With only occasional signal on her phone, she managed to let dad Dan know what had happened - but not where she was.

As Amelia looked for shelter, and prayed for help, her friends in Emmerdale sprang into action.

Kim saddled up her horse and charged off into the woods, while Harriet found a quad bike and set off to find the terrified teenager.

Emmerdale spoilers, Harriet Finch

Harriet raced off to find Amelia (Image credit: ITV)

But disaster struck when Harriet's crashed the bike. She was thrown down a dip and viewers watched in horror as the bike rolled down on top of her. 

Would she be okay?

Luckily for Harriet. her unlikely saviour Kim Tate came riding by!

She managed to drag the bike off the lifeless former vicar and drag her to safety. But a fork of lightning struck them both.

Kim hit her head on a stone, and Harriet was still out cold after her tussle with the quad bike.

And with Amelia stuck in a barn with her baby coming early, things look bleak for the women.


It was Cain and Moira who had viewers gripped (Image credit: ITV)

But despite all that drama going on, up at the farm it was Cain's emotional confrontation that really wowed the viewers.

Cain worked out that Moira had known about Faith's plan to take her own life - and he really wasn't happy about it!

But after a typical Cain reaction, the hard-man act slipped and Cain broke down in tears in Moira's arms, saying he hadn't been ready to say goodbye to his mum.


And the fans loved it.

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And Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain, and Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira, won particular praise for their moving performances.

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The storm isn't over yet, though, and there's more drama in store in tomorrow's episode. 

Has Moira been neglecting her cows while she's been looking after Cain? 


Emmerdale usually airs every weeknight at 7.30pm, with an hour-long episode on Thursday.

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