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Emmerdale fans predict THIS shock Christmas twist after it's revealed that paedophile Maya is PREGNANT


Emmerdale fans predict THIS shock Christmas twist after it's revealed that paedophile Maya is PREGNANT

Emmerdale fans were left stunned last night when it was revealed that paedophile Maya Stepney is pregnant - and they're convinced her baby will arrive at Christmas.

The hour-long special aired on Tuesday night saw Maya released from prison after she had served just half of her sentence for grooming and abusing teenager Jacob Gallagher.

But as it was revealed that she is heavily pregnant, it seems this is far from the end of the storyline.

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And with Jacob and Maya first sleeping together back in March, the dates work out for the baby to be born by the end of the year.

But does this mean the baby is Jacob's? Or could his dad David Metcalfe be the one who is about to become a father again?

Emmerdale fans have done the maths, and they agree this is a baby shocker that is set to be revealed at Christmas...

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The double episode of Emmerdale saw Jacob struggling to come to terms with the news that Maya was being released from prison, for good behaviour.

But while David and Leyla panicked after he went missing following the bombshell, Jacob was heading to the prison on the bus, determined to see Maya.

Thankfully David raced to stop him, getting to the bus stop just in time to talk some sense into Jacob. But no matter what he said to the teenager, nothing seemed to be going in.

Jacob in Emmerdale

Jacob was desperate to get in contact with Maya last night (Picture: ITV)

Eventually Jacob seemed to give up hope of seeing Maya that evening and he returned home to the village with David.

Once home, Leyla was thrilled to see the pair back... but while David was convinced that he has got through to Jacob and they were going to leave the drama with Maya in the past, it seemed Jacob had other plans and he remained desperate to see the woman who abused him for months, convinced he still loves her.

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As Jacob stormed off to be alone, David and Leyla were left to worry about him, and they're right to panic because the teenager was later seen in his bedroom trying to contact Maya by phone.

Maya pregnant in Emmerdale

Maya's pregnant - but who is the daddy? (Picture: ITV)

Thankfully newly-released Maya cancelled his call and deleted his number, but instead of that being the end of her connection to Jacob, it was revealed outside the prison that she is heavily pregnant with with his or David's baby.

So could Emmerdale fans be right and they she will return to the village with a baby in her arms, just in time for the Christmas episodes?

Something tells us this storyline is far from over...

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.