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Emmerdale fans spot something annoying during Liam’s proposal to Leyla

Liam proposes to Leyla in Emmerdale

Emmerdale's Liam and Leyla got engaged in Tuesday's episode...

Emmerdale fans were distracted during Liam Cavanagh's romantic proposal to Leyla Harding last night.

Despite Liam wanting to make his proposal to wedding planner Leyla perfect, Meena Jutla had other ideas as she sabotaged the whole thing.

However, it wasn't Meena's jealousy that got fans distracted from the romantic moment.

Instead it was the fact Liam had to propose from a safe 2 metre distance.

Emmerdale Liam proposes to Leyla

Fans were distracted by how far away Liam was from Leyla as he proposed (Picture: ITV)

As soap fans know, there are strict social distancing rules in place during filming which enable production of our favourite shows to continue during the pandemic.

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Production teams have coped brilliantly with the new restrictions and we're now used to seeing characters in soaps keeping their distance.

However Emmerdale fans were distracted last night, annoyed that the rules unfortunately meant Liam and Leyla's engagement wasn't quite the same as it would have been pre-covid...

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Despite the drama, Liam's proposal ended up being very romantic, and thankfully Leyla didn't hesitate to say yes.

Meena causes trouble 

Jealous Meena had got the wrong end of the stick when David started spending a lot of time with his ex.

But instead of trusting him when he said nothing was going on, she became convinced Leyla was trying to steal her man.

Emmerdale David is cross with Meena

David was mortified when Meena ruined Liam's proposal last night (Picture: ITV)

In fact the truth was Liam had enlisted David to help with his secret proposal.

However, when the plans were all finally in place and Liam was about to get down on one knee, Meena stormed in.

She then ruined everything by accusing Leyla of trying to seduce David.

Meena clearly felt bad when she realised what she had done, but her apologies were too little too late for David.

As Leyla and Liam celebrated, David asked Meena to give him some space.

Meena and David's relationship looks unstable in Emmerdale

Can David and Meena patch things up? (Picture: ITV)

So while Leyla and Liam are on cloud nine, Meena and David's relationship is hanging on by a thread.

Can they patch things up, or are they over for good?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.