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Emmerdale fans STUNNED by VANISHING character blunder last night


Blink and you'll miss April's vanishing act...

Emmerdale fans have been left stunned by how quickly little April Windsor went missing in last night's episode.

Ever since Marlon Dingle went to prison for Graham Foster's murder - a crime he didn't commit - he has been adamant that he doesn't want his daughter to see him locked up.

Marlon Dingle in court in Emmerdale ITV

Marlon was charged with Graham's murder and is now waiting for his trial to start in June (Picture: ITV)

But last night the pain of not being able to see her dad became too much for April and she ran away from home after discovering her family had been lying to her.

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With Marlon adamant that he didn't want April anywhere near the prison, Mandy and Cain Dingle told Marlon's daughter a little white lie that children aren't allowed at prison visits.

April goes missing in Emmerdale ITV

Pollard accidentally revealed that April's family have all been lying to her... (Picture: ITV)

April has bought their fibs until she had a chat with Pollard in David's shop, only for him to innocently let slip that it was actually encouraged for kids to visit their parents in jail. Oops!

Realising that everyone has been lying to her, April fled the shop in tears, but by the time Mandy and Bob had made it out after her, she had vanished.

April goes missing in Emmerdale ITV

April was upset when she realised that Mandy, Bob and Cain have all been lying about her dad (Picture: ITV)

But as the village residents joined the police on their search for April, fans pointed out how she managed to vanish into thin air in a matter of seconds...

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Mandy was later given the horrendous task of visiting Marlon in prison and breaking the news that April had gone missing.

He was beside himself with worry, especially as there was little he could do to track his daughter down while locked up for a crime he didn't commit.

April goes missing in Emmerdale ITV

Fans were shocked at how quickly April vanished last night (Picture: ITV)

Despite April's speedy exit from the village, she didn't make it too far and was later seen hiding in a barn as night fell.

But with the winter cold taking its toll, how will April fare out in the elements all night?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.