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'Emmerdale' horror as David is held prisoner by killer girlfriend Meena

Emmerdale killer Meena Jutla
'Emmerdale' favourite David is about to become putty in Meena's hands. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale favourite David Metcalfe finds his life in grave danger next week when jealous Meena Jutla returns from Ibiza and sets her sights on controlling every aspect of his life

Fans already know that David is still in a bad way after being shot in a siege at the Hide while trying to protect Victoria Sugden from gunman Russ. But, while Meena has been away in Ibiza with her sister Manpreet until now, she is set to return and get her claws well and truly back into her man. 

Already aware that there is something between David and Victoria, Meena isn't happy about the fact they have been spending so much time together. So when she gets back home and sees some suitcases and a chef's hat by David's front door, she immediately assumes the worst. 


David almost died while trying to save Victoria from gunman Russ.  (Image credit: ITV)

Convinced this means Victoria has muscled in on her man while her back was turned, Meena is seething with rage. However, it turns out she has got the wrong end of the stick entirely and it is actually Priya who was planning to move in with the struggling dad after he collapsed the previous day.

But while Victoria might be off the hook this time, that doesn't mean she is safe from Meena's hit list. Later, Carl lets off a cap gun at the Hide and it brings back haunting memories for a traumatised David. 

Knowing the incident has triggered bad memories for David, Victoria is there to support him... and the pair share a moment together before Meena makes a surprise appearance and forbids Victoria to go anywhere near her man again.


Meena warns Victoria to stay away from David.  (Image credit: ITV)

Becoming more controlling and possessive than ever, Meena makes sure she has got David exactly where she wants him by telling him from now on she will be looking after his medication to help ease the discomfort of his injuries. 

ut little does David know, she is swapping his extra-strength painkillers for bog-standard paracetamol, making sure he's in too much pain to go anywhere without her — effectively making him a prisoner in his own home.


Killer Meena will do anything to make sure David doesn't stray.  (Image credit: ITV)

As Meena controls David's life from every angle, she delights in triggering his anxiety by asking him details of what happened the day he got shot, making him relive the ordeal over and over.

With David a nervous wreck and in serious pain, Meena knows that soon David will be putty in her hands. But how far will the jealous killer go to make sure no one else can get their hands on her man?

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