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Emmerdale fans PRAISE actress after this SHOCK twist leaves them heartbroken


Fans have singled out actress Amelia Flanagan as tonight's star...

Emmerdale fans have taken to social media to heap praise on actress Amelia Flanagan after tonight's visit to the Dales saw the shocking revelation that April Windsor is being bullied at school.

While Marlon Dingle might have been freed from prison after being wrongly locked up for killing Graham Foster, it seems his nightmare is far from over.

Marlon feels guilty in Emmerdale

Marlon was horrified to discover April has been bullied (Picture: ITV)

Tonight's Emmerdale saw Marlon trying to get back into his usual routine by walking his daughter, April, to the bus stop.

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However, when Harriet pointed out there was a school trip to the church, April realised she'd forgotten to tell her dad... but things soon took a strange turn when Harriet asked Marlon to come along as a parent helper, and it was clear that April didn't want him anywhere near the church.

Emmerdale April Windsor ITV

April confessed to Vinny that she was being bullied at school (Picture: ITV)

But it was only when they arrived at the church that it was revealed one of April's classmates has been bulling her over Marlon being in prison for murder.

It seems that despite the fact Marlon has been released after being wrongly accused of killing Graham, it hasn't made any difference to the school bully and she is still sending April vicious text messages.

Emmerdale April Windsor ITV

Vinny offered some words of advice that gave April the courage to face up to her bully (Picture: ITV)

But after April had a heart-to-heart with Vinny outside the church, she was given the courage to confront the bully and pulled her up on her nasty behaviour in front of the whole class, as well as Harriet and a speechless Marlon.

Fans were full of praise for actress Amelia, who has played Marlon's daughter since 2014...

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But finding out that his daughter is being bullied soon turns out to be just one of the heartaches Marlon was faced with tonight.

He was also stunned to be told by Rhona that Charity and Ryan were the ones who stole Kim's money from Graham on the night he was killed... and because they didn't go to the police, they were especially sitting on evidence that could have got him freed.

Emmerdale April Windsor ITV

April confronted her bully, and fans loved every minute (Picture: ITV)

But with this betrayal hitting Marlon hard, the Dingle family will soon find themselves having a lot to answer for...

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.